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Mr Krishan Hooda who recently represented India at Hanoi International Film Festival, Vietnam. Also, his  short movie The Last Audition was selected in the short film festival Shuruaat Ka Interval and released by PVR cinemas.

Beneath the wings of talent, one needs to behold an ultimate passion & desire to take a leap, a courageous leap in the horizon of ingenius’. Krishan Hooda is one such talent who recently up surged with his short film  – The Last Audition .

Agile, profound and like a one – man band, he transforms every word into action. Believing in the power of hard work & determination, Hooda started his career working in a call centre.

An athlete in his academic years who was focused; the aim was on his marks to the finish line. He accomplished every race with I’m going to win attitude. He won as if never lost & if ever he lost, he was ready to run another.

People like him are born gifted; they only have to choose between destiny or talent, to be precise – the inner voice which compels them to accomplish their sole purpose of being born. But both work surely in their favor, though!

Hooda chose to be a filmmaker. A responsible filmmaker! With, The Last Audition; he proved his capability of being one. With tight budget, nuisances around & circumstantial attitudes’, finally The Last Audition was made.

The story depicts the life of a struggling actor, who auditions to bag even a small role but only failure falls into his kitty.  How he face the hard- hitting reality and what he ends with, is really very well presented by Hooda.

The making of the film he regards as an exploration. He explored a lyricist in him. When everyone puts you down that is when you potentially arise. And during those crucial hours of meeting deadlines – filmy duniya was thought of.

The song – Filmy duniya is actually a real life story of any struggling actor. The relation of a struggler, his dreams, his efforts, his emotions with reality is prominently described.

The film made an entry in Shuruat Ka Intervaal competition, mentored by few prominent personalities of the film industry. Also was selected in the short film category at HANIFF – Hanoi International Film Festival, 2014.

His irrefutable sense to make quality films, propelled him to do The Last Audition, and he represented India at HANIFF for the same. The young filmmaker is surely making his way in limitless azure of competence & opportunities.

Moving ahead he says, “As a filmmaker, I wish to create a benchmark with every film I do. I want to rise above my capabilities. Like I always say I want to be better than I was last time”.

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