Priyagold Snakker ties up with Bajirao Mastani for co-branding !

The nation waited with baited breath for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next “BAJIRAO MASTANI”.  It seems to have pleased it’s expecting audience with the double charms of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone coming together with Ranveer Singh in one powerful epic story.

Priyagold Snakker, a popular munch snack from the house of Priyagold (Surya Food & Agro Ltd) became the front runner in associating with this film.  

As the tag line goes….Ab ek film mein do heroine ka maza jaise ek pack mein do choco waffer ka maza . . . Priyagold Snakker bin khaye raha na jaaye jaise Bajirao Mastani Bin Dekhe raha na jaye !

Oberoi IBC is the agency which was instrumental in this tie up.  “We have been associated with bollywood since our founder, my uncle Suresh Oberoi started this agency.   Today, we are one of the lead players in providing one stop advertising and film branding for indian businesses and brands pan India” says Anand Oberoi, Managing Director of Oberoi IBC.

Born and raised into the bollywood family Anand Oberoi aspires to direct a commercial film eventually, right now he is happy directing indian family businesses and brands into the world of advertising and marketing.

The agency Oberoi IBC is slowly gaining popularity for their excellent connection in Bollywood and today it has been instrumental in several renowned artist and brand tie ups including Shilpa Shetty for Ankur Namak, Bipasha Basu & Rana Daggubati for Izarra, Saif Ali Khan for Neva and Priyagold, Omkar Kapoor for Mezno deo and  more.

About Priyagold Snakker :  It is a biscuit and confectionary brand from the house of Surya Foods & Agro Ltd.  It is the third largest brand in the country today which has a global presence in over 23 countries.

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