Vishal Dadlani for News18.com’s Music for a Cause Campaign

Vishal Dadlani for News18.com’s Music for a Cause Campaign

About Music for a Cause Campaign- The campaign aims at motivating kids to live their passion for music by gifting them musical instruments. To magnify the impact of the campaign, NEWS18.com  has connecting with celebrity musicians and encouraged them to gift their pre owned musical instruments, in addition to urging artists to come forward to lend their support for the noble cause. Acclaimed musicians Ehsaan Noorani, Vishal Dadlani, Mohit Chauhan, Subir Malik (Parikrama band) and The Other People Band have pledged their support by willfully agreeing to donate their musical instruments, taking the first step towards the cause.

Taking it a notch higher, NEWS18.com has also joined hands with Music Basti, a well known Delhi based NGO for their ReSound concert,which is slated to take place on February 26 in Delhi. The instruments will be donated to NGO kids at the concert.

Interview excerpts

When was it that you were inclined to music? Since childhood did you always wanted to be a musician?

I had an inclination towards music since childhood. I never really got the perfect opportunity to learn music as a child, because the Indian schooling curriculum did not have a subject dedicated completely to music. Finally, at the age of 19, I decided to take my first step towards it.

How do you think music helps or improves a person to be a better human being?

As a child, I was really violent and aggressive for no reason, and I used to get into trouble for the same. Sometimes, children tend to be rebellious, and I think that is fine too. But in my case, music saved me from getting into fights. When I joined a band in those days, it allowed me to channelize all that energy and aggression. I began expressing myself through my music, which later became my savior. I would like to recommend all the parents to encourage their children to take up music, if they have the genuine inclination towards it.

So what you are saying is that music should be a core part of the curriculum?

Yes, absolutely. For me, that would be a game changer because music helps me how to think analytically, and at the same time helps me stand out and express my emotions as an individual. What more can one ask for?

Have there been instances where you felt that music has saved you like when did you realize music is my calling?

I actually realized it when I performed on stage for the first time.  When I came off stage, I felt the blood rushing through my body.  I had never felt like that before.  When I went home and narrated the incident to my dad, and told him that this is what I wanted to pursue, he just said “OK, go for it.” I think I am very fortunate as my parents have always encouraged me and supported all my decisions.

When it comes to taking a stand why do you think music helps why do you think you as an individual would incline to the society when it comes to doing things for a cause?

The way I see music is completely different. It has given me everything that I have today. Music is the reason that I am what I am today, not just as a personality as everyone knows me today, but even as a human being. I owe everything to music.

You have always stood up for a cause and you have always been like that, does it mean you will continue to be like that?

As long as I can, I would love to continue it. Like I said, every living moment of my life is filled with gratitude for music and gratitude for the love I received because of music. If it is music for a cause where people do such wonderful work, I would contribute in whatever way I can. We have been given so much, the least we can do is to express that to other people and make them realize how wonderful the world can be.

Are you coming up with more songs like Madari?

I would say Madari belongs to Clinton Cerejo. I am just a singer in that song. The lyrics are by Manoj Yadav.  I would be really happy to sing a similar kind of song if I get approached by someone.

If you could just talk about sponsoring the guitar

I am giving a guitar to someone with the aim of transforming their life. My first guitar was given to me byan uncle. The guitar was the turning point of my life, and it holds a very special place in my life. He was my father’s friend, and he gave it to me as a gift when he was leaving the country. The feeling of having that instrument changed my life completely. I used to mess around with it all the time initially as I was clueless at that point about what I wanted to do in the future. Finally after many years, I took one or two lessons and learned the most basic chords. My musical journey actually started from there. I just hope that it is the similar kind of experience for the person who receives this. I would like to give this guitar with all my love. I wish everyone the very best for their journey.

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