“BHANWAREY Is A Film For The Youth”  SHAURYA SINGH       

 “BHANWAREY Is A Film For The Youth”  SHAURYA SINGH       

Shaurya Singh has played the role of Todarmal in JODHAA, the popular tele-serial and he has appeared in over 300 epsiodes. He later worked in two more serials YE KAISEE MOHABATEIN and KUMKUM BHAAGYA. But the Bollywood big screen was always in the mind of Shaurya Singh and he has already written, produced and directed his maiden venture BHANWAREY which is slated for release on 24th March thru all world distributer Israr Ahmed of Screen Shot Media And Entertainment. Ayyer Mohan spoke to the dynamic, dashing  and multifaceted Shaurya Singh who wants to make more films in the near future. Excerpts.

What inspired you to make BHANWAREY ?

I was moving round the streets of major cities like Mumbai and Delhi and I found that most of the busy lanes and bylanes had sex clinics. Out of curiousity, I ventured into one of these sex clinics and found out that these sex clinics are only fooling the people and making lots of money. I thought that this subject could work wonders if I had make it comedy style. I then wrote the entire script of the film and one fine day I started shooting with mostly newcomers like Priyanka Shukla,Karhan Thakur,Manoj Bakshi and many others. Even I have payed the male lead in this film which is mainly for the youth.

The film has lots of message for the youth, I think ?

You are absolutely right. Cinema is seen by the youth of the country and most of them think about sex all the time. This film will make every youth to know everything about sex and I have kept a major comedy track where every one in the cinema hall laugh out loudly and clap with excitement. I like films which can entertain a lot and this film easily makes one laugh most of the time. The message I have given in this film is that whatever happens, one should not get into the wrong hands or the wrong path as this may ruin his or her life completely.


What is most important  topic you have deal with in this sex comedy ?

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common problems found among the teenagers and the youth and I have depicted this problem with a comic touch. I want all the audiences to enjoy the film in the cinema hall and come out feeling very happy and relaxed.

You have given your film BHANWAREY to  distributer  Israr Ahmed. Comments.

Israr Ahmed is known to me for a long time and he has been helping the new producers like me in a big way. I am lucky to get such a person who has undying passion for cinema and being a filmmaker himself, he knows the pains every producer faces when the release date comes nearer , I think most of the final exams will be getting over during March and I am expecting a favourable response from the paying audiences, mainly the youth, the collegians etc.

What are you planning  next  ?

I am planning to make two films . One of them is an action-comedy and already the film is on pre-production stages. I am in serious talks with two major actors who are well known and I am aware of the notebandi after Nov. 8th 2016 and things are going very slow in the film industry. But I am hopeful that everything becomes normal after June 2017 and lots of cash flow will be there as usual so that films will be shot normally like before. I am very optimistic  and better times will come for the film industry, I am sure.

Arent you planning to make tele-serials as you also have experiences of  the small screen ?

Producing and directing a feature film is more challenging than to make a tele-serial and I like to accept challenges. The films I will be making will be impactful and will surely make the audiences enjoy them as they are paying money to watch the films. Cinema is the major source of entertainment and an outing for a cinema is always more exciting than any other outing.

Would you like to give any advice to today’s new generation of actors ?

I will only say all these new budding talents who want to make a mark as actors that become a master of the craft and then only go for all kinds of auditions and look test. Most of the new actors feel that they can do anything and then their hands and legs shake before the camera starts.  Good time is wasted and nothing concrete happens. I only want to keep them away from  being failures.

Will you also make regional films ?

I want to find good subjects first and definitely would love to make regional films too. The Punjab market is growing every year and I may think of making a Punjabi film too as I know the Punjabi culture very well as I also stay in Delhi where I have lots of Punjabi speaking friends . I also stay in Mumbai and as of now would like to concentrate on my next two Hindi films as there is a lot of acceptance in Hindi language which is seen by people in all the states of the country but a regional film will appeal to a particular state.

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