LEAVE ALCOHOL De-addiction campaign

LEAVE ALCOHOL De-addiction campaign

According to the World Health Organization, where seven billion people in the world are alcoholic, twenty million people are addicted to nicotine and nearly eight million people are prone to drugs. This is a major concern for the modern societies, country and world.

Few years ago alcohol was considered a social evil drug, but in modern race it has become a social status. From youngsters to executives of corporate cultures are looking to alcoholism as need of the hour to established themselves in the modern society.

Today it has become fashionable for them to try and taste alcohol, hashish, cannabis, opium,cigarettes, tobacco, etc. for their pride and identity. But today’s generation is unaware about the bad effects of the alcohol, nicotine and drugs.

It has been said in Human Anatomy or Life Science that by using the above addiction products the human can enjoy it on initial stage of life; as the person ages grow the effects of the addiction products start showing it supremacy on the human body. The person starts getting addict and to fulfill his addiction he starts lying his family and friends. Moreover, he might turn to crime for the addiction.


There are many cases we read in newspapers regarding the intoxicated person doing wrong things in life. The latest example was “Nirbhaya Murder Case” in our country’s capital followed many other cases.

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To eradicate the drug addictions from our society Dr. S. D. Chopdar started the “De-addictioncampaign” many years ago under the name “NASHA MUKTI KENDRA” of RAJSTHAN AUSHDHALAYA PVT. LTD. He is the chairman of the company. He gave a slogan “LEAVE ALCOHOL WITHOUT TELLING THE ALCOHOLIC”. Today this slogan is a household name pan India.
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Dr. S. D. Chopdar has produced the medicine for alcohol named “SURARI CHURNA”, for Nicotine “DHUMARI CHURNA” and for drugs “KALPAVAT CHURNA”. These medicines have given a tremendous result to the addicted patients. RAJSTHAN AUSHDHALAYA PVT. LTD. has treated more than 10 million patients pan India.


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The best thing of these medicines is that you can give the addicted person without his knowledge by mixing it in his meal. There are no side effects of these medicines.

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Dr. S. D. Chopdar RAJSTHAN AUSHDHALAYA PVT. LTD.  was facilitated by Governor of Rajasthan for this commendable job for the goodness of society. He has received many awards and honors for the above work from the different parts

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