‘Real’ being preferred by brands for Celebrity endorsers

‘Real’ being preferred by brands for Celebrity endorsers

Bollywood has opened its arms to a number of unconventional heroes. The contribution of these actors find a special mention. They have broken the mould and created a niche for themselves in the industry.

These powerful actors behave successfully blurred the lines between commercial and indie cinema.They have successfully struck a cord with the  Indian masses who have whole heartily accepted them. The ad world has witnessed this change and have quickly tried to cash on to this padigram shift.

Real Brand (2)Filmwalaexp

Brands are now increasingly looking for unconventional, real and relate-able endorsers. They are reaching out and signing them up as brand ambassadors to host a variety of  products and services. These brands are investing big sums on them and have extensive media spends.

Real Brand (1)Filmwalaexp Real BrandFilmwalaexp

Attached below are a few examples of these actors and the brands they endorse

☆ Irrfan Khan – CEAT Tyres, Syska LED, India Mart, Envy deodrants

☆Nawazuddin Siddhiqui – Truecaller, Chaini Khaini, Mayur Suitings

☆Kangana Ranaut – Boro Plus

☆ Dhanush – Centre fresh, 7UP

☆ Raj Kumar Rao – Titan Watches

☆Kapil Sharma – OLX , Policy Bazar

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