Mayuri Santosh Berde A Upcoming Artiste

Mayuri Santosh Berde A Upcoming Artiste

A Upcoming Artiste Mayuri Santosh Berde, thou she is still young  but is suitable for roles for College Student, Sister, Nurse, Sales Girl etc. Well spoken this young aspirant is anxious to work for Films, albums, TV serials, Web series, Phoot Shoot For Print Media Etc. Below is her profile For producer-directors searching for young artiste for their films and serials.

Name :- Mayuri Santosh Berde

Age     :- 14years

City      :- Mumbai

Sex      :- Female

Artist card no :- 4076

Eyes          :-   Black

complexion :- fair

Hair           :-  brown

Shoe         :- 8

Email address :- Berdepriyanka631996@gmail.com

Print / catalog :- yes

Traditional wear :- YES

western wear :-  YES

Ramps             :-   YES

Nightwear       :- NO

TV series         :- YES

Short films     :- YES

Album             :- YES

Webseries    :- YES

Calendar shoot :- YES

Print shoot     :- YES

Travel in any city :- YES

Experience  :- shortfilms, cameo in upcoming power movie, play etc.

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