The Making of Film Mango Dreams…

The Making of Film Mango Dreams…

Mango Dreams, the brainchild of first time Editor, Producer, Director John Upchurch, Co-Produced and Written by Mazahir Rahim with Hamza Rahim, has been accepted by the The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, LONDON 2016.

Mango DReamss (1) Mango DReamss (8)

It has been nominated in the following categories:

– Best Film

– Best Lead Actor – Ram Gopal Bajaj

– Best Supporting Actor – Pankaj Tripathi

– Best Original Score – Sunil Kaushik

– Best Costume – Moushumi Moush

Mango DReamss (3) Mango DReamss

Made in true Guerilla style by John Upchurch with a small talented unit headed by Mazahir Rahim, the film stars Ram Gopal Bajaj, Pankaj Tripathy, Samir Kochhar with guest appearances by Naseeruddin Shah, Rohini Hattangady and S.M. Zaheer. Chetan Shah, Anamika Sharma, Rijju Bajaj and Gurinder Makhna also play pivotal roles. Cameo performances by Kabir M.Ali(love) and Kaamna Pathak add to the flavor of the film.

Mango DReamss (12) Mango DReamss (5)

Brilliantly photographed by Nouman Ahsan, the Production Design is by Ajit Patnaik, Costumes by Moushumi Moush, Sound Design by Satish Poojary, Lyrics by Mazahir Rahim and Music by Sunil Kaushik.Faraz Ahsan is the Co-Director of the film.

The songs have been sung by Ronkini Gupta and Javed Ali.

Anamika Sharma is Associate Producer and Pallabita Patnaik the Executive Producer of Mango Dreams

Mango Dreams, is the story of an old widowed Doctor who has been running forward all his life, away from the horrors of his childhood and partition where he lost his entire family.  Now faced with the knowledge that he suffers from Dementia, he decides to return to his place of birth and pay obeisance to those memories which have been a nightmare in his life. Opposed in his wishes by his Son, he finds help from an unlikely source, a Ahmedabadi Rickshaw Driver.

The film has been shot on locations from Mumbai to the Indo-Pak borders near Amritsar.

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