Salman Khan’s 50th celebrated in a Big Boss House‏

Salman Khan’s 50th celebrated in a Big Boss House‏

Salman Khan’s 50th celebrated in a Bigg way!

  • Even as Salman Khan entered the Bigg Boss house on his birthday, a surprise awaited him
  • Bigg Boss along with the housemates had set up a treasure hunt inside the house for Salman Khan and he would have to navigate his way to the place of the gift according to the clues given by Bigg Boss.

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  • Salman Khan found all of his favourite things as a part of his treasure hunt
  • First clue – Housemates hid here for the longest during a task (Bathroom) – gift is a cap with ‘Friend’ written on it
  • Second clue – Where Priya saw a ghost – near kitchen sink – gift is protein shake
  • Third clue – Where the planning plotting happens – Sky Lounge – collage of Salman’s moments and movies
  • Fourth clue – big decisions take place in this area – confession room – white canvas to paint. Later on, Salman Khan – within four minutes flat – drew a picture of Jesus Christ on the white canvas and gifted it to the housemates
  • Fifth clue – Nora and Prince’s first date – jacuzzi – protein bars
  • ~ Bigg Boss shows them a footage in the living area. The footage is that of Salman’s journey on Bigg Boss. Salman looks quite happy. Housemates are singing happy birthday for him. ~
  • Sixth clue – where the housemates receive their ration – store room – Santarinas bring in cake
  • The housemates also  him the greeting card they made for him earlier in the day and read out their individual wishes for him

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