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Mrs Rakhee Sunil an Iconic Women recently was Awarded with SDP IAWA ICONIC INTERNATIONAL WOMEN by AMARCINE Production She also Won the Social Iconic Women of the World third position in online poll

Mrs Rakhee Sunil an Iconic Women recently was Awarded with SDP IAWA ICONIC INTERNATIONAL WOMEN by AMARCINE Production  She also Won the Social Iconic Women of the World third position  in online poll

A woman with grit and determination, Rakhee Sunil is well-known for her passion for social work and benevolence. She wins hearts with her ever-smiling nature.

She is a Commerce graduate and has completed Management Studies, Diploma in Human Rights and LLB degree.

Rakhee shares that she was not always the confident woman who she is now. Even though she excelled in academics and sports, yet she had a lot of inferiority complex due to her dark skin complexion.

After finishing her graduation, she was trained by Dr. N.H. Athreya, the well-known Management Author and Consultant and under his guidance she finally became confident. Then there was no looking back for her. She not only became successful, but she also saw to it that she encouraged and counselled all those who lacked confidence. She is always there to help all seeking her guidance.

Rakhee left a corporate job to dedicate more time to her family, before proving her success as an Insurance Consultant. With over 23 years of experience, she has made a niche for herself in the insurance sector.

As time passed by, she felt the need to do something for the society. Her insurance work was booming and her daughter had also grown up, she thought of utilising her time for the betterment of the society.

Her passion for social work comes from her inspiration, her mother Adv. Padma Divakaran (IRS Retd.), whom she has seen doing humanitarian work right from her childhood.

Rakhee has inculcated the same culture into her daughter Nikhita Sunil, who is also active in the social field. She is the Charter President of Rotaract club of Borivali Heights (Youth Wing of Rotary).

Rakhee wanted her daughter to realise the hardships and pain of the less privileged. She encouraged her to do whatever she could for the society.

Rakhee is encouraged and supported by her husband Mr. Sunil.T in all her business as well as social endeavours.

With more than a decade of social work behind her, she says that she started her humanitarian activities by channelizing medical aid, educational support (she sponsors fees of 100 students every year with the help of her friends), forming women SHGs, helping old age homes, orphanages etc. Later, she joined hands with Rotary, Inner Wheel, AIMA, Malayali Samajams, etc where she now holds important positions.
She was the First Lady Hon. General Secretary in the 55 year existence of the Borivali Malayali Samajam. She has been the President of Rotary Club of Mumbai Borivali East and President of Inner Wheel Club of Mumbai Dahisar. Currently She is the Hon. General Secretary of Bombay Keraleeya Samithi Malad, All India Malayali Association Maharashtra State Committee Member and Ladies Wing Convenor.

Rakhee works closely with women, senior citizens, less privileged and physically challenged children. She organizes medical camps, self defense workshop and seminars on legal-rights, self-defence workshops, medical and environmental issues. She is an excellent motivational speaker and an inspiring leader for many. She concentrates her efforts towards education, good health and women empowerment which she feels are important aspects for a healthy society.

She has exemplary work during the floods which affected Kerala and Maharashtra and during the Covid Pandemic.

Rakhee is a well-known personality, highly respected and acknowledged for the work she does for the society. Her helpful and kind-hearted nature makes her approachable and popular. She shares an incredibly good rapport with people of all age groups and is loved and liked by all.

She was won many accolades and awards for social work, she feels that the awards are just morale boosters for taking up bigger tasks. Few of the awards received by her- the PAMBHUGAL PUBLICATIONS ‘VANITHA RATNA’ Award in  NOV’2015,   Award from “PEOPLE’S ART CENTRE” in APRIL’2016, JWALA Award in DEC’2016. She also received THE WOMEN ACHIEVERS Award (WOMEN MAKING INDIA) in March 2018 from INDIAN WOMEN CONVENTION for supporting women empowerment and child education.

Yashasvi Foundations Women Achievers award for supporting child education in March, 2021.

She is the proud recipient of the prestigious IAWA Saraswati Dadasaheb Phalke Iconic International women of the World 2021 award. She believes that women should support each other and rise by lifting others.

Rakhee strives to bring smiles into the lives of the less privileged.

IAWA President Dr Daljeet Kaur”s tribute to Late Actor Satish Kaul

IAWA President Dr Daljeet Kaur”s tribute to Late Actor Satish Kaul

Satish Kaul  who worked in bollywood and tollywood passed away due to Covid-19 on Saturday. The 73-year-old actor breathed his last in Ludhiana. Satish had played the role of Lord Indra in the mythological series Mahabharata. Daljeet kaur President IAWA  Innovative artist welfare association was taking care of him right from the time he was admitted in Rajpura hospital.IAWA ngo helped raise funds for his treatment.

Recently on 24 th march she went to meet Satish kaul in Ludhiana as Satish jee called number of times to meet him.where he complained about his eyesight she helped him with some cash to buy specks and  to show to a Doctor. They spent very good time he was ok .it was only two days back he was not feeling comfortable.Daljeet herself was covid positive asked her friend to help him .

IAWA invited Satish kaul as guest of honour in their event to Mumbai and tried to help him shift in mumbai.But they did not get much support from the industry. From 2015 when he met an accident Daljeet stood by him in all odds . Satya jee a very cooperative lady helped satish jee revive back from bed Soares. she is a big fan of Satish jee and took care of him from last 6 years.

Dr Daljeet says “Met Satish jee on 24 th March in Ludhiana …he told me that he is having  eyes problem and he wanted specks which he could not afford v…so I arranged for him and  and was planning to get his cataract operation bone but when I reached mumbai got positive and quarantine from 1st April rather Satish jee called me after I reached mumbai  to take care as mumbai is hub of covid 19. But see covid took him away from us.”

Innovative Artist Welfare Association in association with Amar Cine Production had organised a virtual Award 2021

Innovative Artist Welfare Association in association with Amar Cine Production had organised a virtual Award 2021

First time the women of the world were honored together on one stage

The Special Guest of Honour at the event were the great Legendary Singer Anup Jalota Jee ,Pioneer Ad Film Maker Prahlad Kakar Jee and Chandrashekhar Pulsawker Grandson of Saraswati Bai Dadasaheb Phalke who motivated 100 iconic Women of the World 2021.

Nomination were recieved from more than 50 countries with 3000 entries. IAWA wanted to bring out the top 100 Iconic personalities who made their mark in the society. This is in recognition of their outstanding performance in all their endeavours, where a women manifests her legacy and is an Inspiration and Role Model for others.

Women who are at par worked towards their success, reached their goals fighting all hurdles in life. They never gave up in life but managed all their responsibilities. They were the Icons who pursued their dreams despite obstacles. They were focused and found no excuse for their drive-in life.

Notably, Iconic Women don’t wait for perfect moments. However, they start by being a boss of their own self, taking all the risk in life.

Every women has that spirit hidden in them. It requires motivation and firm decision to learn from their own mistakes and make a mark, and a space for themself in society.

IAWA recognized such extra-talented women throughout the world and awarded them with a memento to reminisce and bring all such sucessful women on one Dice to celebrate womenhood with SDP INTERNATIONAL ICONIC WOMEN AWARD 2021.


These SDP Awards are a Noble Tribute to the great lady who worked tremendously hard with her husband Dadasaheb Phalke Ji, the first film maker of India, and father of Indian Cinema, whereas, his wife was left unnoticed even though she worked hard in managing everything as a self-empowered woman. She did not get the recognition she deserved.

Hence, honouring all successful Women with an award in the name of the Great Saraswatibai Dadasaheb Phalke Ji.

—— Munde Media


Dr Sushila Rathod MD [AYURVED] Winner Of Women’s Achievers Award

Dr Sushila Rathod MD [AYURVED] Winner Of Women’s Achievers Award

Ayurveda Health Expert in pulse reading ,Master in ayurvedic medicine , quality life consultant .

Dr sushila Rathod is an Ayurveda Health Expert in pulse reading ,Detox Treatment, yoga, meditation for  last 20 plus years. She is M.D of “ MANOHAR AYURVED PVT LTD” which has number of canters all over  Maharastra . She is magician In terms of pulse reading even she can diagnose the diseases & blood  group could be found by checking any ones pulse alone .


According to above caption Dr Sushila has decided to explore her life in ayurveda & later on the proven  results has suggested her to dedicate her life towards this cause.

Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling is the first step to your health, & we can provide you this counseling, with  regards to exercises, diet, recommended Herbal and other therapies for ling a healthy Ayurvedic  lifestyle, after a proper full Examination of the Body- type, Disease-type & psychological-type.

At present she is a mentor for interns for keeping society healthy, happy and live quality life by proven  ancient ayurveda methodology .

Dr Sushila has chosen ayurveda faculty though she stood 4th over lakhs candidates opting for medical  studies. Now after her studies she has under taken research on – ROLE OF PATOLADI KASHYAM IN  MANAGEMENT AMLA PITTA [ GASTRITIS ]. This disease is very fundamental in india due to lack of  excercises ,yoga , bad food habits . she has also done research on detox treatments .

Dr sushila has been treated lakhs of patients who were not able to afford cost of treatment, has  arranged many social events like free campaigns & has many testimonials of happy & relieved patients  whose diagnosis was not known by several tests & hardships .

Dr sushila has done number of TV shows on ZEE 24 TASS etc. & promos of ayurveda health awareness  programs with lions club and rotary club .her 2 books are being published very soon . these are based on  kitchen spices remedies .

During recent pandemic COVID 19 ,she has worked continuously towards betterment of society by  conducting awareness camps. Suvarna prashan camps for enhancing physical mental ,growth &  boosting immunity of childrens . In this process two of her employees were infected by covid19 still her efforts were countless and tireless . infected staff were got cured by immunity boosting ayurvedic  decoction .this resulted to put in more enthusiasm to work harder and harder with fearless efforts .

Dr Sushila conducts training towards making of cosmetics as women empowerment drive .She is an  honorable faculty at many institutions. she has been awarded by many institutes for her dedicated work  for society.

Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke (SDP) IAWA Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 (WAA) Was Organised By AMARCINE PRODUCTION

Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke (SDP) IAWA Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 (WAA) Was Organised By AMARCINE PRODUCTION

Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke (SDP) IAWA Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 (WAA) was organised by AMARCINE PRODUCTION successfully  VIRTUALLY ON line.50 plus high profile achiever around the world were present and discussed on women empowerment . The theame of the show was #womenforwomen.

Chief Guest Anup Jalota jee came in his character of  Satya Sai Baba and talk about his upcoming film getting released on 22nd Jan 2021 and said women should get double salary as she is the pillar of the house where in she performs multitasking works to uplife home and society both.

Dr.MI Zargar Patnavi  Director of NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHT SOCIAL JUSTICE spoke as guest speaker and said education is very important for women .If a women is educated she can educate the society. Paramjeet Singhjee the angry man president  of National Akali dal said  women should raise their voice against injustice . Dr Daljeet Kaur founder a multitasking personality founder president of IAWA NGO and a successful actress said women should take a stand for women . Together they can help each other to rise.  Chandreshekhar Pulsawker grandson of Saraswatibai jee was very happy that atlast his grandmother got recognition for her sacrifices where she stood shoulder to shoulder with her husband to make him pioneer film maker. All the 50 successful women out of 300 entries conducted a beautiful webinar and shared their views beautifully on women empowerment.Women of different fields shared the same platform with one voice one mission Women for women.They were qualified Doctors, educationist, social activist, enterpreneurs actress, producer, sports personality, motivational speaker, spiritual Healer ,teachers  from uk usa , Australia, mauratius,Bangladesh, Singapore, Canada, almost covered all states of India right from Manipur to Jammu ,from Himachal to Chennai.

There is a woman behind every man’s success. In Dada Saheb Phalke’s case, it was his wife Saraswatibai Phalke. India’s first film maker would never have been able to make his master piece without the film editing, that his wife did.IAWA took the initiative to award ladies around the world on name of wife of Dada Saheb Phalke , SaraswatiBai DadaSaheb Phalke SDP Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 Season 2 .The first season award were given to Kalpana Saroj jee , Bharti Lavekar jee, Salma Agha jee to name a few.  Successful Women who have accomplished their mission in their life, crossing all hurdles, with positive attitude, were being AWARDED with beautiful WAA TROPHY  and certificate of accomplishment.


Interestingly, IAWA NGO INNOVATIVE ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION has been working for women empowerment since last 5 years. Pan India they boosted confidence of women ,nurtured their inner hidden talent, councelled them to raise voice against injustice and with their slogan #ek awaaz ek saath, stop Domestic violence.

Amarcine Production is producing short films and webseries on life of women of today.



I am Henthoibi Moirangthem,born on 2nd April 1985, a single and independent women and a mom  to my beautiful daughter,born and brought up in Imphal, Manipur.

Educational Qualification – MA English from Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, Bachelors in Legistative Law ( LL.B) Masters in Legislative Law (LL.M)studied .

Professionally, I am an Advocate ,a Social Activist a  Legal advisor and Editor in B.K.Events and Entertainment since 2018, women wing president in International human rights  organization of go green and tree plantation.

Being a single mother, I know that its not easy to struggle and wanted everything to end at one point.All the tears that I shed have to turn into joyful singing.Change is the only constant in the world .I am determined to change the situation, I have the freedom to choose, so, my turning point was winning the crown of Mrs.IAWA INDIA 2018, held at Port Blair.That was my best moment and an unforgettable one too in my whole life, I am a very positive person and an desire to upgrade women in the society through struggle has made me stronger.


My Achievements are :









Dr V V Manjula Kumari Honoured With Exceptional Woman of Excellence In Women Economic Forum Egypt In March 2020

Dr V V Manjula Kumari Honoured With Exceptional Woman of Excellence In Women Economic Forum Egypt In March 2020

Dr.V.V.Manjula Kumari is born and brought up in a city called Nellore in Southern Andhra Pradesh, which is very near to Chennai, the state capital of Tamil Nadu. She is the only daughter to her parents and her father Late Sri V.Krishna Murthy was Electrical engineer, who worked for Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board, and retired as Ex-CMD, APSPDCL, Tirupathi. Her Mother Mrs. V. Kamala is a homemaker. As a child she was given the education from one of the famous English medium schools in Nellore, that is Sri B.Swamidoss English medium high school. She was given a lot of freedom by her parents to make her own choices and lead her life on her own decisions. She has been brought up into a disciplined, determined and an independent person.

She completed her UG and PG from SIMS college of Physiotherapy, Guntur, did her “Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology”, from University of Greifswald, Germany, “Doctorate in Physical Therapy”, from University of Montana, USA, “Doctorate in Business Management” from ABMTC, Switzerland, and she developed an innovative concept of “ Comprehensive approach in conservative management of obesity non-surgical” by which she treated 7500+ obese patients in a single clinic in 5yrs 6months, for which she has been awarded with many national and international awards including 3 world records, in First-of -its -kind and Highest number of obese patients treated. She has been conferred with an Honorary Doctorate from Swahili University, PANAMA. Recently she has been elected as “Fellow of Royal Society for Public Health, London.

She’s an Entrepreneur by Choice and owns “KIITES SLIMMING PHYSIOTHERAPY AND COSMETOLOGY CLINICS at Guntur and Hyderabad, and also a Member of many reputable organizations such as, Life time Member in Indian Association of Physiotherapists, Lifetime member in IHFA, Lifetime member in GOMHA, Honorary member in All Ladies league, Women Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Andhra Pradesh State President of Fitness Council, WICCI, Joint co-ordinator of Indian Association of Physiotherapists Women Cell-Telangana state.

Apart from being a highly educated person, Entrepreneur and researcher, Speaker in National as well as International Business and Healthcare conferences , she is a very versatile lady, who is into beauty pageants and was Miss Guntur in 2003.

Miss Andhra Beautiful eyes in 2004, Mrs. Amaravathi in 2018, 2nd Runner up IAWA Mrs.India-2019, Mrs.India Intellectual-2019 and Popular Queen of Universe-2020 and Super Queen of Universe-2020.

Her journey is multi dimensional and she inspires and get inspired by everyone , who comes across in her life’s journey. She’s is a Social activist and a motivational speaker , who works for Organ donation awareness campaigns, Mental health, Menstrual Health care, breast cancer awareness , women empowerment etc. She believes in the fact that education is the means of empowering women and gives free training to women in some skill development activities like beautician courses, Slimming courses etc and provides employment in her clinics.


In her career many laurels were awarded to appreciate the work for community, to mention few are:

  • Received “Physio Excellency Award” from Physio Foundation of India, on 28th January 2018.
  • Received “Outstanding achievement Award” in Sports connect on 3rd March 2019 in Delhi.
  • Received “Clinical Excellence Award” in FEMCON Jaipur.
  • Received “Significant Contribution Award” by Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

(20/06/13 TO 29/12/18)” with an innovative concept-“COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH IN




EDUCATION awards by GOMHA in Hyderabad.

  • Achieved world record for successful treatment of highest number of patients (23.10.2013

to 23.04.2019) with an innovative concept of comprehensive approach in conservation

management of obesity (non-surgical) under the category of first of its kind, “IN WINNER’S


  • Achieved world record for successful treatment of highest number of patients in (very

short period) with an innovative concept “COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH IN CONSERVATIVE









  • Received “Social Entrepreneur National Award – 2019” Philanthropic Society of India.
  • Presented my research paper in international conference in Malaysia held in Aug 2019 by

IMRF in collaboration with Malaya university n UNESCO.. in which I got the “Best

presentation award ”N” Eminent physiotherapist in Obesity management award” n my

Article has been published in “Proc of the Int Conf on E- Commerce, Econometrics, Legal

studies, Journallism & Social Sciences 2019” with a Title of “Impact of Comprehensive

approach in conservative management of Obesity and Obesity induced depression-an

experimental study. “2019, 103 – 106, ISBN – 978-93-86435-85-9.

  • Received “Physiotherapy Prestige Award” from “The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital & Sports

injury centre on world physiotherapy day celebrations in Jaipur on 8th Sept 2019.

  • Received “National Eminence Award – 2019” from Global Creative Arts academy Inc; USA

& Philanthropic society of India.


Instituted by ICONGO and the UN in Noida on 27.11.2019.

  • Received “South India Women Achievers Awards 2019” from “Syrafills media” in Chennai

on 22/12/2019

  • Received “ Exceptional woman of Excellence” in Women economic forum , Egypt in March


  • Received “Iconic Woman Creating a better world for all “ on 26th July 2020.

These were few to mention, apart from these Dr. Manjula is also a well-recognized speaker on national and international platforms. I have been invited to speak on eminent events and conferences organized be Apollo, Sports conferences, Women national conferences, International sports medicine & rehab etc.

I have also been invited to stage as one of the judge on esteemed conferences like FEMCON, poster presentations, cultural events etc.

Victoria Okram Winner Of Quarantine Queen of Universe 2020

Victoria Okram Winner Of  Quarantine Queen of Universe 2020

Victoria Okram hails from the land of the lofty heights,Manipur, in the scenic village of Tumuyon Khullen, Senapati district. She is a graduate, a devoting mother of two beautiful children,Abigail Okram and Kasper Okram ,and an enthusiastic social activist. She has an intense passion for devoting her time and resources towards her commitment for others as a social activist. Determination, integrity and hardwork defines her as a person. To her, beauty is not just the physical attributes of a person, it is much more, it is the beauty of the soul which shines from within.

Being a considerate woman, she aspires to become a mother who serves as an inspiration to her children and also, serve humanity.

She believes in empowerment of women because only through empowerment, women could raise their voice without fear in society and fight for injustices. She is a passionate person who strongly stands for the cause of good humanity and peace.Throughout her journey, she has won several titles and received prestigious awards.

1)Miss Barak (2005), 1st Runner up

2)Miss Barak (2005), Miss Beautiful hair

3)Best Female Artist Award (2005) Senapati District Level

4)Mrs IAWA India (2019), 1st Runner up

5) Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Best Smile

6)Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Social Media Queen

7)Queen of northeast with a golden heart(2020) (fashion lifestyle magazine)

8)Popular Queen of Universe (2020)

9) Quarantine Queen of Universe (2020)

Uma Modi Popular Queen of Universe

Uma Modi Popular Queen of Universe

Uma.Modi born on 22/07/1957 in Mumbai. Was 2 years went with my nana nani went to Nilgiri hills Coonoor. It is one of the best hill station, Her upbringing was in a very luxurious way in a huge tea estate. Studied till ninth but had to shift to her home Navsari a small town in Gujarat, which she was not happy for and got married at a young age.

she with her husband did a lot of social work as Navsari junior chambers.. There ws an Eye Bank run by Navsari JC. She was the chairman of the Eye Bank and collected the highest eye balls in Guj..she helped  operating  blind people free of cost. Was awarded by Navsari Palika Chairman of “Women International Day” for the best social performance. In 1998 became the first lady president of Navsari Junior Chamber. Got the highest awards at zone level.

Won a Garba Competition at district level and reached state level.

Changing phase of my life downfall in business, so had to shift to Mumbai in 2000. In 2002 joined Max Life Insurqnce Co. Her struggle started from here and Acheived many rewards and recognition and foreign trips. a great set back when  was diagnosed with the cyst in her breast. Devastated by seeing her reports and was scared. She faught with courage got her operation done and had undergone  30 radiations which was extremely painful, With pain in body and smile on face she recovered fully and was back to work in 6 months.

2017 she did the first Marathon. After that she never stopped

2019  Participated in a beauty pageant “MISS, MR. AND MRS. ICONIC PERSONALITY 2019″ and tagged MRS. ICONIC PERSONALITY” and crown for the first Runners Up at Ahmedabad. At the age of 60 it was scintillating experience. She is a role model for many.

She believe in power of Universe, that whatever one think,  comes back to you. ‘life has tested her in many ways, and she always crossed that hurdle andfaced life with smiles. 2020 July, was also not less terrifying experience. There was fanatical situation in my family with my grand son. In this pandemic, it was really a catadysmic situation in y family. To handle myself or my children was question running day and night. BUt alas, mother won. I gathered all my courage emotionally & physically and motivated my kids to handle the same. Took care of them & myself in this pandemic & fought the medical challenge. Miracle happens, and finally my grandson was back from hospital. Healthy and happy.


Titile feliciated for  of “POPULAR QUEEN OF UNIVERSE” 2020 in pandemic it was the virtual pagaent. But a very different experience and challenging. She has  joint  her family consisting of her  husband 3 sons 3 daughter in law 4 grand sons .

Adaphro Sylvia Popular Queen of Universe 2019

Adaphro Sylvia Popular Queen of Universe 2019

Iawa Mrs india 2017

Mrs India Asia Pacific Intercontinental 2019

In the year 1985, 1st April, she was born in Manipur in a middle class family. At the age of 12 her father died and since then her mother looked after the whole family. As the income was less and the sibling were five they never got what they really wanted like good foods, selective clothes and other several things. She struggled since childhood. Sylvia got married at her Seventeenth to Mr. Rakesh Rai and never knew how to even make omelette and household chores which was completely new to her. But time helped her learn everything slowly. One thing she could never forget was the 2km walk just to get 2 buckets of water. Instead of joy and happiness for showering her first son (Brandon Rai), he got VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) so she got sorrow and pain. She took him to Delhi and many cities of India for treatments and finally with God’s grace he was getting better. After 6 years gap she got her 2nd son (Jayraj Rai) and again after 6 years she got the last son (Viddhant Rai).

In 2015 she got severely sick and after that she was completely bed rest for 2 years. Doctors treated her for Typhoid three times but didn’t get better as it wasn’t typhoid. She was advised to visit her doctor in Delhi every 3 months for one and half years. All she could think of was to die or get rid of it because she was a type of person who always smile and giggle.

Then she got little better slowly and this was the time IAWA which was a pageant for the first time in Manipur for Mrs. Category and she decided to try for it and she finally won the title IAWA Mrs India Manipur 2017 which she claimed the greatest achievement in her whole life being a house wife for more than 20 years

Being the winner of Mrs IAWA INDIA 1ST RUNNERS UP 2017 she explained, with all these experiences from the day of the audition till the Grand Finale, she finally improved herself and changed completely from a timid and shy person to a strong, independent and self believed woman. She has also received MAHANAGAR GLOBAL ACHEIVERS’ AWARD 2019 and also walked an INTERNATIONAL RAMP in Thailand (PRAYAG Thai-Indian Fun Fair 2019) . She walked as a showstopper at MANITEX that is Manipur International Textile Expo 2019. She was also the Showstopper of Winter Falls Collections by Bobocha Laishram 2019-20. She also did several campaigns and programs by herself on sanitary pad awareness, domestic violence, woman empowerment and she is also mentoring women of the next generation.


She then represented India in the year 2019 as Mrs Asia Pacific intercontinental and won the title of special queen award ambassador with the subtitle of Mrs Super Model 2019 which was held in Singapore and Malaysia. She was selected as a State Icon of Election Commission of India,Manipur 2019-20 . And right now she is the Brand Ambassador for L.S. football tournament 2020 which is base in Manipur.

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