Prem Chopra – Deepshikha Nagpal – Sudesh Berry – Alka Bhatnagar Receive Awards At The Grand Ceremony Of FMBAF Awards 2023 Season 6 By Dr Anil Nair

Prem Chopra –  Deepshikha Nagpal – Sudesh Berry – Alka Bhatnagar Receive Awards At The Grand Ceremony Of FMBAF Awards 2023 Season 6 By Dr  Anil Nair

The most popular award Ceremony FMBAF Awards 2023 Season 6 was grandly organized on May 27th, 2023 at ISKCON, Juhu, Mumbai. Legendary actor Prem Chopra, actress Deepshikha Nagpal, actor Sudesh Berry were present as chief guests in this unique concept award show organized by director Dr. Anil Nair.

The award ceremony was attended by people from the entertainment world as well as other fields. International achievers and award winners were present at the event. The winners were overwhelmed after receiving the awards and thanked Dr Anil Nair and his team.

The dignitaries of FMBAF inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp. Many other important personalities including many celebrities graced the event.

To spread the message of social service and peace in the society, Dr. Anil Nair has also been organizing the annual World Human Rights Day (United Nations) award.

The event felicitated people in various categories like film, fashion, academy, business and media.

Talking to the media on this occasion, Dr. Anil Nair said that this is our sixth edition. Till now we have honored more than 3000 personalities from different fields with this award. Many people working for social causes were also awarded.

We have been working for human rights for years. People are working in this field in 20 states of the country as well as abroad. We also have a genius award show where genius personalities are honored.”

Dr. Anil Nair is the ambassador of many international organizations in India. He has been working for years in the field of human service, peace and social reform. He said that we have given awards to many celebrities including Udit Narayan in the last 5 years. We started this journey from 2018.

Munde Media performed the responsibility of PR of this award ceremony very well.

Is Award Ceremony may Dr.Vaibhav Sharma Joh ki Guinness World Record Holder Bollywood Anchor hain Unhone Pure Show may Apni Anchoring aur Urdu Poetry se Chaar Chaand laga diye Aur Sabhi Celebrities Legendary Actor Prem Chopra, Legendary Actor Sudesh Berry, Legendary Music Director Ismail Darbar Sahab aur Actress Deepshikha Nagpal Sabhi Award paane kay baad Bahut Khush dikhe Aur Juhu Iskon Temple may 27 May ko Ek Itihaas Racha gaya Jisme Chairman Dr.Anil Nair aur International Celebrity Anchor Dr.Vaibhav Sharma  ne milkar Ek International Award Ceremony ko badi hi khubsurti se Anjaam diya…….

Awardees :

Ms. Jaya hemraj thakur, Miss. Kamal Cheema,  Ms. Leslie Tripathy (Anchor of the show), Dr. P.B. Boss (Founder Osaka group), Ms. Natasha Natty, Mrs. Trisha Mandal, Mr. Tushar Kumar (famous actor), mrs. Alka Bhatnagar (international Bollywod singer), Shri. Roy Mathew Manapallil (film maker), Shri. Santosh Kameshwar (music composer& Director), Dr. Archana Kochhar (celebrity Fashion Designer), Dr. rupanshi singh (skin specialist) Shri. Pradeep Kamath(international Magician), Dr. binu Varghese, Mr. Ramakant Munde (Media Photographer ), Mr. suresh Hiiwarale, Syed moin syed Wazir, Mr. Azmat Khan Jabbar Khan,  shaikh Yahiya sheikh isak (Chief editor Majha Maharashtra live), Mr. Nasir Tagale, Mr. Shiva ss (Celebrity photographer),  shri. Srinivas Sirimalle, Shri. Abdul Kalaam Shahmani,  Shri. Salim Taj (media).

Doctorate awards;  Dr. Bissy Boss, Dr. Khamaruzaman Abu, Dr. Prem Chopra has been awarded by doctorate degree in specialised categories.

Pics :- Ramakant Munde Mumbai


Prem Chopra –  Deepshikha Nagpal – Sudesh Berry – Alka Bhatnagar Receive Awards At The Grand Ceremony Of FMBAF Awards 2023 Season 6 By Dr  Anil Nair

Deltin Jaqk Presents Star Struck Extravaganza – Where Luxury Gaming Meets Glitz And Glamour

Deltin Jaqk Presents Star Struck Extravaganza –  Where Luxury Gaming Meets Glitz And Glamour

~ Deltin Jaqk Sets the Stage for a Spectacular Event in Goa with Bollywood actresses, Vaani Kapoor, Neha Sharma, and Sara Khan~

May 31, 2023, India: India’s premier luxury gaming and entertainment brand, ‘Deltin’, owned by Delta Corp Ltd., is set to mesmerize gaming enthusiasts with the spectacular ‘Star Struck Extravaganza’ at Deltin Jaqk, Goa. From June 1st to June 6th, 2023, this remarkable event promises an unforgettable experience in the paradise of gamers.

Prepare to redefine the concept of luxury gaming at the ‘Star Struck Extravaganza,’ where a perfect blend of glamour and games awaits. The event showcases top-notch entertainment, heart-pounding excitement, and a delectable culinary journey.  The versatile and talented Bollywood actresses, Vaani Kapoor, Neha Sharma, and Sara Khan, to add a touch of stardom to the event as they are set to grace the occasion with their glamourous presence. Deltin Jaqk has earned a reputation for providing a diverse range of experiences, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Anil Malani, CEO of Deltin, shared, “We take great pleasure in hosting exceptional events like the Star Struck Extravaganza, which captivate, thrill, and transcend the boundaries of gaming, offering an extravagant opportunity for everyone to indulge in the finest entertainment, delightful buffet meals, and carefully curated beverages, all accompanied by Deltin’s signature excellence in service. At Deltin, we are dedicated to crafting timeless experiences and leaving a lasting impression on our patrons. We extend a warm welcome to all our guests and encourage them to immerse themselves in the luxurious offerings we provide.”

The ‘Star Struck Extravaganza’ promises a seamless experience, open to all gaming enthusiasts and experience seekers who can simply walk in and revel in this unparalleled event.

To know more contact 98196 98196 or visit www.deltin.com.


Deltin Jaqk Presents Star Struck Extravaganza –  Where Luxury Gaming Meets Glitz And Glamour

Ravi Nigam Director And Mentalist Of Garib Productions Made His Own Way Even In Adverse Circumstances

Ravi Nigam  Director And Mentalist Of Garib Productions  Made His Own Way Even In Adverse Circumstances

गरीब प्रोडक्शन के निर्देशक और मेंटलिस्ट रवि निगम ने विपरीत परिस्थितियों में भी बनाया अपना अलग रास्ता

निर्देशक रवि निगम की जर्नी मायानगरी में अद्भुत रही है। उनका मानना है कि अगर आपको रास्ता नहीं मिल रहा है तो फिर राह को क्रिएट कर लो। उन्होंने इसी सिद्धांत पर अमल करते हुए अपने लिए खुद ही रास्ता बनाया है जो बेहद चुनौतियों भरा है। उनके प्रोडक्शन हाउस का नाम है “गरीब प्रोडक्शन” और इस नाम के पीछे रवि निगम का तर्क यह है कि दुनिया मे कहीं भी किसी भी क्षेत्र में कोई गरीब ही मिसाल कायम करता है। क्या कभी आपने सुना या पढ़ा है कि किसी दौलतमंद शख्स ने कोई मिसाल स्थापित की हो।

रवि निगम ने 2016 में गरीब प्रोडक्शन की शुरुआत की थी। उनके यूट्यूब चैनल के लाखों सब्सक्राइबर्स हैं, बतौर राइटर डायरेक्टर उन्होंने कई क्रिएटिव कार्य किए हैं। अमेज़न प्राइम पर रिलीज डायरेक्टर रवि निगम की फ़िल्म “ट्रिप एंड ट्रैप” दर्शकों द्वारा काफी सराही गई।

यह दुनिया की रीत है कि जब कोई आगे बढ़ता है तो उसे पीछे खींचने वाले भी काफी होते हैं। कुछ ऐसा ही रवि निगम के करीबी रहे लोगो ने उनके साथ भी किया, मगर वह घबराए नहीं बल्कि उनकी नज़र हमेशा अपनी मंज़िल पर रही और इस तरह के तत्वों की हरकतों से भी उनके कार्यों पर कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़ा। वह माइंड रीडिंग भी करते हैं और उनके ऐसे वीडियो सोशल मीडिया पर काफी लोकप्रिय होते हैं।रवि निगम यह माइंड रीडिंग सड़क पर भी करते हैं और इंडस्ट्री के सेलेब्रिटीज़ के साथ भी कर रहे हैं।

उनका मानना है कि जब परिस्थिति बदतर भी हो जाए तब भी हार नहीं मानना चाहिए बल्कि जिंदगी में ऐसे उतार चढ़ाव से इंसान को सीखना चाहिए और फिर वही अनुभव उन्हें आगे काम आता है।

उनके गरीब प्रोडक्शन का स्लोगन है काम नाम दाम। रवि निगम का मानना है कि अगर आप मेहनत से शिद्दत से काम करेंगे तो आपका नाम भी होगा और फिर एक बार नाम हो गया तो फिर ऑटोमेटिक दाम भी मिलने लगेगा।   

आज उनके पास सात कैमरे हैं जिन्हें वह किराए पर भी देते है। उनके पास प्रोडक्शन के पूरे इकुएपमेंट्स हैं।

रवि निगम मेंटलिस्ट सेशन भी करते हैं जिनसे काफी लोग प्रेरणा लेते हैं और लोगों का ढेर सारा फीडबैक भी उन्हें मिलता है। उनके माइंड रीडिंग सेशन का भी लोगों को अद्भुत अनुभव हासिल होता है। कार्ड और प्रिडिक्शन पर रवि निगम के माइंड रीडिंग ट्रिक कमाल के होते हैं।

गरीब प्रोडक्शन की फ़िल्म ट्रिप एंड ट्रैप को रवि निगम ने बखूबी डायरेक्ट किया जिसका अच्छा प्रतिसाद मिल रहा है।

उन्हें कई अवार्ड्स और सम्मान से नवाजा गया है। यूट्यूब क्रिएटर्स की ओर से रवि निगम को चैनल ऑफ द डे भी मिला है। उनके कई अपकमिंग प्रोजेक्ट्स हैं।



गरीब प्रोडक्शन के निर्देशक और मेंटलिस्ट रवि निगम ने विपरीत परिस्थितियों में भी बनाया अपना अलग रास्ता

India Celebrates Aryan Surjeeta Dadiala’s World Records In Open Water Swimming

India Celebrates Aryan Surjeeta Dadiala’s World Records In Open Water Swimming

For achieving 2 World records in Adventures swimming Nationally and Internationally. His exceptional efforts were appreciated by the state and cabinet ministries as well as diplomats of India and Israel both.

Aryan’s Mentor, Coaches, Swimmer, administrators from swiimming fertinity were present at the Team Aryan’s success party.

Rahul Chiplunkar Mentor, Dr. P.M Reddy Coach, Mr Subodh Sule Guide,

Shri Mahesh Malik All india Congress Secretary, Bosco Martis, Amol  Gajanan Kirtikar, Raju Manwani, Akash Dadlani, Sneha Namandadi,  Punit Tejwani,  Siddharth Hussain…etc.

All Medals, Trophies and certificates of Aryan were displayed for the public was hugely appreciated by everyone and look as a point of motivation to youngsters.

Aryan’s parents welcome all the guests, they were very happy and warm.

Team Aryan’s Head and Aryans Mentor ‘Rahul Chiplunkar’ addresses the crowed and expressed his graduate toward the guest for removing time from their busy schedule and attending the success party, he shared the challanges faced by aryan during his Goa and israel swim n creating 2 world Records in 5 months is historic and blessed him for his future endeavors.

Coach Dr. P.M Reddy sir appreciated Aryan’s effort and dedication, focus towards swimming,  he further Mention Aryan’s swimming and functional training sessions and congratulated him for creating 2 World Records in 5 months which is historic and blessed him for his future endeavours.

Speaking to guests Aryan was motivating youngsters to excel in any sports they like. He has also shared the thoughts on Promoting Open water swimming in India.

As he mentioned that this is just an beginning and he is all set to take-up more challenging events further under mentorshim of Mr Rahul.


India Celebrates Aryan Surjeeta Dadiala’s World Records In Open Water Swimming

Inauguration Of KAK’s SALON By Prominent Labour Leader Shri Abhijeet Rane As Chief Guest Of Honor

Inauguration Of KAK’s SALON By Prominent Labour Leader Shri Abhijeet Rane As Chief Guest Of Honor

Kakoli Meghani, owner “Kak’s Salon” – a premium beauty and Spa opened her another branch at Four Bunglows Signal , Andheri West in presence of Shri Abhijeet Rane, Ms. Nandita Puri (Chairperson of Om Puri Foundation) and Chaitali Chatterjee (Chairperson of WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave and President of DWEA – Dhadak Women Empowerment Association.)

Other DWEA  and WEE members who attended the event were Sonu Juvalkar, Uma Modi, Vijaya Chandak, Ami Mehta, Jane Rodrigues, Shivani Zaveri, Ruchi Srivastava, Neena Shetty, Sharmishtha Roy, Neita Bhonsle, Rekha Kalra, Farida Saroshian, Sangeeta Mishra, Manisha Shekhar Asthana, Amrita Mishra, Malaahat Khan and Sachita Kothari

Contact us for appointment:


+91 98212 45565




Inauguration Of KAK’s SALON By Prominent Labour Leader Shri Abhijeet Rane As Chief Guest Of Honor

COLORFUL DEVOTION An Exhibition Of Paintings By Well-Known Artist Sharad Kale In Jehangir

COLORFUL DEVOTION An Exhibition Of Paintings By Well-Known Artist Sharad Kale In Jehangir

From: 23rd to 29th May 2023

“Colorful Devotion”

An Exhibition of Paintings

By well-known artist  Sharad Kale


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001

Timing -11 am to 7pm

Contact: +91 99208 66515

Romanticism has remained a popular subject among artists worldwide, and for good reason. It is a simple and relatable theme that resonates with audiences of all kinds. Masterpieces such as “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies” series, Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory,” Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch,” Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam,” and many others have served as exemplars of this genre of painting, inspiring artists to continue creating such works since the beginning of civilization.

Sharad Kale’s style represents this genre as well. When regarding each of his works individually, one cannot escape the feeling of serenity, calmness, and divinity, all at once. His works are lyrical and create a rhythm that engrosses and transpires the viewer into a state of total bliss. Kale uses his canvas surface in a poetic manner, with his human figures and nature in complete synchrony. The artist invariably employs a bright palette that is bold and colorful, leaving the spectator elated.

Sharad’s works mostly depict people from rural areas who are in love. This can be readily discerned by observing the expressions of his subjects. Both men and women’s faces show shyness and deep affection. Moreover, their faces are those of people who are pure and unaffected by the complicated urban world outside the villages. They are dressed in traditional Indian attire. One of the common elements in a few of his works is the flute. Lord Krishna, the romantic god, was known to have played a flute for his Gopis. The moment one sees the flute in Kale’s paintings, they are transported to that era. It brings a feeling of spirituality and divinity to the spectator. He then complements his subjects with natural elements such as flowers, foliage, and sometimes the moon, further enhancing the aura of romance in his composition.

Sharad has successfully achieved a style of his own, and his thought process and painting technique do not fail to deliver what he wants to convey to his audiences.

This show was inaugurated on 23rd May 2023 by Mr. Deepak Mehta in the presence of Prof. Vishwanath Sable, Ms. Meenu Dey, Mr. Sunil Choudhri, Mr. Sandesh Bendre and many others.


COLORFUL DEVOTION An Exhibition Of Paintings By Well-Known Artist Sharad Kale In Jehangir

A SOULFUL VOYAGE Solo Show Of Paintings By Artist Seema Bhargava In Jehangir Art Gallery

A SOULFUL VOYAGE Solo Show Of Paintings By Artist Seema Bhargava In Jehangir Art Gallery

From: 23rd to  29th May 2023

“Voyage” A Long Journey Through Canvas

Solo Show of Paintings


Artist Seema Bhargava


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-, B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001

Timing: 11am to 7 pm

Contact: +91 98995 82995

A Soulful Voyage: Melding Memories with Visions, a solo exhibition of paintings by Seema Bhargava, alumni of the college of arts in Delhi.  The artist has a breathtaking level of precision and attention to detail, but what truly distinguishes her is her capacity to stir up strong feelings in the viewer with her exquisite creations. She paints all of her landscapes in oil and in substantial sizes, giving the feeling to viewers that they may stroll into these scenes and inhabit their captivating realms. The basis for Seema’s works was formed by her excursions to Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh.

These are works to be admired and enjoyed for their perspectives and for the creative use of pictorial spaces. They carry with them a contagious sense of wonder and it reawakens a wanderlust that most of us share. By weaving a rich tapestry of hues, forms, textures Seema Bhargava melds memories with her own visions on the canvas. As a monk humbly lowers his head while entering a monastery (as seen in one of her works), we are also swept over by a humbling sense of belonging, awe and oneness with the natural world. – Prayag Shukla ( Art Critic ) 

This show was inaugurated on 23rd May 2023 by Mrs Shashi Tripathi in the presence of Dr. Capt G Shetty, Ms. Smita Bhargava, Admiral Tripathi, Mrs. Seema Bhargavav &  CMDE P.K. Malhotra.


A SOULFUL VOYAGE Solo Show Of Paintings By Artist Seema Bhargava In Jehangir Art Gallery

Icmei’s Landmark Book On Modi Govt Unveiled In House Of Lords

Icmei’s Landmark Book On Modi Govt Unveiled In House Of Lords

London, May 20, 2023 – Prominet educationist  Sandeep Marwah has reasons to rejoice. The ground-breaking publication titled “8 years of Modi Sarkar: A Compilation of Achievements” which has taken the Indian diaspora by storm was unveiled by Lord Rami Ranger in the prestigious House of Lords at the British Parliament in London. Authored and brilliantly compiled by Sandeep Marwah, President of International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), this monumental work sheds light on the remarkable accomplishments of the Indian government spanning eight years so far.

The release of this book marks a significant milestone as it represents the first-ever book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be presented within the esteemed halls of the House of Lords. The credit for this commendable feat goes to the dynamic Marwah, whose unwavering dedication and painstaking efforts have encapsulated the comprehensive range of India’s achievements between two hard covers.

Addressing the distinguished guests comprising London’s elite, Lord Ranger expressed his astonishment at the depth and breadth of the accomplishments chronicled within a single book. He acknowledged that prior to its publication, the true extent of India’s progress remained largely unknown, making this book an invaluable resource and reference for individuals seeking to familiarise themselves with the government’s multifaceted endeavours and achievements in various fronts.

Marwah, speaking at the momentous occasion, emphasised the meticulousness employed in compiling the book’s contents. It features a lucid and concise writing style, presented in a point-wise, department-wise format to ensure accessibility and understanding for a diverse readership. Marwah further reiterated his desire for an international release of the book aiming to rectify the misinformation that has often permeated global perceptions of India’s accomplishments.

It may be noted that the first copy of the book was presented to the esteemed former President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, before being officially launched in London. The release of this seminal work is poised to illuminate the immense progress and development witnessed in India over the past eight years, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a deeper appreciation for the nation’s remarkable achievements.

“8 years of Modi Sarkar: A Compilation of Achievements” is set to serve as an authoritative reference for individuals, scholars and policymakers, providing a comprehensive understanding of India’s transformative journey under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A book of outstanding value and accomplishment! Happy reading..

Icmei’s Landmark Book On Modi Govt Unveiled In House Of Lords

Celebrating Excellence GJEPC Unveils Artisan Awards 2023 Winners

Celebrating Excellence GJEPC Unveils Artisan Awards 2023 Winners

In a grand event held in Mumbai, the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC) unveiled the winners of the highly anticipated 6th edition of Artisan Awards 2023, the country’s esteemed jewellery design competition. This prestigious event, organized by GJEPC, showcased the exceptional talent and creativity of jewellery designers from across the nation and around the world. Artisan Awards is an endeavour that aims to provide a platform for creative jewellery designers and industry professionals to maximise their individualistic and creative ideas in jewellery design. 

Artisan Awards 2023 is powered by GIA – Gemological Institute of America, The World’s Foremost Authority in Gemology.The winners received their trophies from Guest of Honour, Ms. Mira Kapoor, Content Creator & Jewellery Connoisseur along with Mr. Nikhil Mehra of Shantnu & Nikhil; Mr. Vipul Shah, Chairman of GJEPC, Mr. Milan Chokshi, Convener of Promotions and Marketing, GJEPC, and Mr. Sabyasachi Ray, Executive Director, GJEPC.

Since its inception, the Artisan Awards has received a total of 4,200 submissions from artists spanning various genres and styles. These submissions were meticulously reviewed and evaluated, culminating in the selection of 178 outstanding finalists. Among the finalists, 55 remarkable individuals emerged as winners, gaining well-deserved recognition for their exceptional artistic prowess. For the current year, Artisan Awards witnessed over 600 entries pouring in from 26 cities across India, as well as from regions abroad, including the Middle East, North America, and Europe. The Artisan continues to attract a diverse range of artists from around the world.

The Theme of The Artisan Awards 2023 was indiamoderne – the world of art meets modern jewellery. The theme was further divided into three distinct categories with each focusing on different genre, namely, Art of Abstraction, Art of Sculpture, and Art of Print. Vipul Shah, Chairman, GJEPC, commented, “While India’s global leadership in the gem & jewellery business is an established fact, we need to shape the future where India is revered for its aesthetic artistry, design innovation and commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. To cater to the evolving demands of the global market, we need a fresh wave of young and talented designers who eulogise the preferences of the millennial and Generation Z consumers.

Their innovative approaches and creative sensibilities will shape the industry’s future trajectory.”Shah further added, “The Artisan Awards is one of the initiatives that nurtures talent, fuels inspiration, and encourages the next generation of jewellery designers to push the boundaries of their imagination. In a rapidly evolving gem and jewellery industry where innovation and fresh perspectives reign supreme, the Artisan Awards serves as a launching pad for emerging designers to make their mark.”The judging process of the Artisan Awards involved three phases, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the jewellery pieces.

In the first round, the entries underwent a meticulous technical evaluation, focusing on their craftsmanship and technical excellence. This was followed by a second jury meet, where a panel of esteemed experts deliberated and shortlisted 28 final sketches that showcased exceptional creativity and innovation. In the final phase, the judging panel meticulously examined the 28 shortlisted designs, selecting the top 9 winning pieces that truly stood out in terms of their originality, aesthetic appeal, and ability to push the boundaries of jewellery design.

The esteemed jury members for the Artisan Awards 2023 were Mira Kapoor, Content Creator & Jewellery Connoisseur; Aparajita Jain, Director and Co-owner, Nature Morte Gallery; Priyanka Khanna, Author; Nikhil Mehra, Fashion Designer, Shantnu & Nikhil; Sajil Shah, Jewellery Artist & Founder, Sajjante; Pernia Qureshi, Co-Founder, Saritoria; and Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director, GIA India. Their profound expertise and discerning eye have played a pivotal role in recognizing the exceptional talents among our participants.

Milan Chokshi, Convener of the Promotion, Marketing & Business Development Sub-committee, GJEPC, added, “Every year, we strive to exceed expectations and inspire participants to unleash their creativity and showcase their individuality through The Artisan Awards. By pushing the boundaries of conventional jewellery-making, we seek to create designs that captivate both the domestic and global markets. GJEPC takes great pride in providing a platform for jewellery designers to express themselves and push their creative limits through this prestigious competition.

May the passion, dedication, and creativity of our talented designers ignite a flame within us all, propelling us to pursue excellence and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.” Mira Kapoor, Content Creator & Jewellery Connoisseur commented, “Jewellery has always been integral to our culture, and we’ve seen it evolve over time. But if you want it to stay relevant, you require new minds with creative genius and a new vision. The Artisan Awards is actually spearheading this initiative, and lending support to jewellery designers to think out of the box, and not be limited by money or by what sells in the market, but just think freely when it comes to creativity. That’s when the magic happens. I’ve seen some truly unique pieces, which I’ve never seen before and I’m really happy to part of the jury. It’s great that GJEPC is giving this kind of platform to upcoming jewellery designers.”Mira further added, “As a jewellery aficionado, I am intrigued to see the kind of jewellery pieces coming out of our country.

Artisan Awards is the first step to creating a design sense or a design house or the one star jewellery designer that could be recognized from India, celebrating Indian craftmanship and the story that we have to tell as India on the canvas of jewellery.”Nikhil Mehra of Shantnu & Nikhil noted, “I think fashion and jewellery go really well together. In fact, post the making of our collections, there’s always a conversation on what kind of jewellery will go with the product. So, there’s a lot of synergy between the two streams. A lot of times, we also get inspired by jewellery. We have been hugely inspired by men’s jewellery and we started making brooches and buttons in 2015 and militarised them to glorify India through these accessories.

We may want to extend the journey in the future, and go into the precious jewellery space with matte gold. There is a huge opportunity in the men’s jewellery segment. The Artisan is an important platform of applauding great talent.”Pernia Qureshi was impressed by the entries in the first category, she shared her views about the Artisan Awards in general. “The abstractionism segment was very colourful, it was fun. Most of the pieces were well finished and wearable. Designers play a big role in translating ideas into actual pieces. It’s important to upskill and pay the designers well as they are the future of the jewellery industry.”Speaking like a true-blue gallerist, Aparijita Jain commented that “Art transcends or translates into many kinds of expression, jewellery being one of them.

It is interesting for designers to be inspired by different art forms. I am amazed at the transformation of pieces from the sketch to actual jewellery pieces. I think the finishing was brilliant.”Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director, GIA India said, “GIA India is pleased to support Artisan Awards – a platform created by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) to unearth hidden talent and to unleash the potential of discovered talent. It’s interesting that the participation was in the form of 600 entries from 26 cities across four countries – a marker of the ever-increasing outreach of GJEPC for including the rapidly expanding Indian gem and jewellery industry’s members into all its initiatives.

During The Artisan Awards 2023, Millennials & Gen-Z designers have taken inspiration from some of the most cherished artworks in the world, across three categories: Abstract Paintings, Sculptures, and Prints. They have given their imagination a free rein and used visual references provided as a starting point to explore the rich world of innovative jewellery design. Literal recreations of the artworks, though welcome, are not a requirement.

Think form, think space, think shape, or think colour is the motto and the possibilities are endless.Here are the Winners & finalists of The Artisan Awards 2023:

——–Ramakant Munde Mumbai Representative


Celebrating Excellence GJEPC Unveils Artisan Awards 2023 Winners

Director Rakesh Sawant received Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2023 for Best Director by Mahima Chowdhary

Director Rakesh Sawant received Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2023 for Best Director by Mahima Chowdhary

This is India’s first such film which has won 55 international awards including the country including US, Canada, Greece, France, Nepal.

The Best Director award for the film ‘Mudda 370 J&K’ went to Bollywood’s renowned director Rakesh Sawant at the hands of Subhash Ghai’s Pardes heroine Mahima Chowdhary. Rakesh Sawant has been awarded the “Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2023”. The grand ceremony took place on 20th May at Mukesh Patel Auditorium Mumbai where Bollywood actress Mahima Chowdhary was the chief guest who handed over the important trophy to Rakesh Sawant with her own hands. Mudda 370 J&K is the first Indian film in 2023 to win 55 international awards including India, US, Canada, Greece, France, Nepal.

Rakhi Sawant has heartily congratulated her brother for this award. Along with this, Rakesh Sawant is also receiving congratulations and best wishes from many friends and celebrities associated with Bollywood.

Very excited to receive this award, Rakesh Sawant’s brother Rakesh Sawant said that this was the 55th award for my film ‘Mudda 370 J&K’. I feel proud to be honored by the name of Dadasaheb Phalke. All this has happened because of the love of the mother. Thank you very much to Mahima Chaudhary ji, I also express my gratitude to the organizers of the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2023.

Please tell that Rakesh Sawant has directed many films in the Bollywood world and many of his projects are going to come in the future as well.

It is worth mentioning that the film Mudda 370 J&K starring Hiten Tejwani, Mohan Joshi, Zarina Wahab also had a special song by Rakhi Sawant which was sung by Asha Bhosle. Directed by Rakesh Sawant, this film narrates the burning issues of Kashmir and the pain of the exodus from Kashmir. What happened to the love story of a Kashmiri Pandit boy and a Kashmiri Muslim girl because of Article 370? This is shown in the film. Zarina Wahab has played the role of a Kashmiri Pandit for the first time in this. Manoj Joshi played the role of her husband. Singers like Asha Bhosle, Shaan, Palak Muchhal, Asees Kaur, Shahid Mallya, Muddasar Ali gave voice in the film.


Director Rakesh Sawant received Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2023 for Best Director by Mahima Chowdhary

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