House Of SURYA Unveils Summer 2024 Bridal Collection- Lehengas

House Of SURYA Unveils Summer 2024 Bridal Collection- Lehengas

New Delhi, April 29, 2024 – With the start of the summer wedding, House of Surya, India’s leading fashion brand, dazzled the fashion world with its exotic new bridal collection of Lehengas. Surya unveiled its latest aspirational collection recently at a Fashion event in Delhi.  The brand presented its summer wedding lehengas which goes beyond the grand success of the previously launched collection – the ‘Sajda’ Bridal Lehenga Collection.

House of Surya’s latest collection of Lehengas epitomizes elegance and craftsmanship. The exquisite pieces showcase a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. Outfits in attractive colours have been crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

“The first variety of outfits under the new collection of Lehengas have been crafted from crafted from luxurious net fabric and we boast intricate Franch note work that adds a touch of sophistication. The delicate embellishments of sequins further enhance its allure, lending a mesmerizing sparkle to the attire. Furthermore, in the Organza pieces, the craftsmanship reaches new heights with a plethora of embellishments. The Organza Lehengas features a rich combination of Cutdana, zari, sequins, crystals, and pearls, creating a dazzling display of opulence and finesse. Each element is intricately placed to create a harmonious visual symphony, captivating the onlooker’s gaze,” said Mr Raghav Mittal, Chief Creative Director and MD, Surya.

Similarly, another range of Organza Lehenga exudes timeless beauty with its meticulous craftsmanship. Adorned with Cutdana, sequins, silver zari, crystals, and pearls, it exudes an ethereal charm that is bound to leave a lasting impression. “The careful placement of each embellishment ensures a balanced and captivating design, elevating the ensemble to a work of art,” added Mr Mittal.

With the growing popularity of summer weddings in India, Surya has planned a series of launches. Each new collection goes beyond previous avatars in terms of exclusivity, elegance, and craftsmanship.

“Summer weddings have become big in the last few years. Like earlier, most weddings used to happen during the winter time or used to happen during like after the month of August to September but now in the last four or five years what we are seeing is that there is a heavy flow of weddings happening during the summertime as well. Hence, we will be unveiling another Summer Collection soon,” said Mr.  Raghav Mittal who is known for blending his innovative and modern design creativity with his traditional fashion (family business) legacy from old Delhi’s Chandini Chowk.

With this trend in mind, Surya has come up with a new collection of Lehengas for summer weddings that is a perfect blend of trendy designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and beautiful colors. The new collection features multiple designs. Each piece reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence, making them a coveted choice for those seeking to make a statement with their attire.

Surya is renowned for its focus on the latest fashion trends, tastes, creativity, style, and innovations. The new collection of lehengas is a manifestation of these traits and Surya’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. Moreover, the fabrics used in the new collection are softer and lighter, such as organza and net, making them ideal for the summer wedding season. While silk shines colors better for deeper shades, lighter fabrics such as organza and net are more prominent in the collection, concluded the Chief Creative Director.


House Of SURYA Unveils Summer 2024 Bridal Collection- Lehengas

Sameer Khan’s GABRU GANG Promises Two Viewers An All-Expenses Paid Trip To Dubai!

Sameer Khan’s GABRU GANG Promises Two  Viewers An All-Expenses Paid Trip To Dubai!

In the bustling streets of India, there exists a tradition that dates back centuries, woven into the cultural fabric of the nation: the art of kite flying. As Sameer Khan’s eagerly awaited film, “Gabru Gang,”  has hit the marquee, the film promises not only to entertain but also to give two film viewers and all-expenses paid trip to Dubai. ( insta: Gabrugang_movie)

For the uninitiated, kite flying, deeply rooted in India’s history, has been a cherished pastime for generations. From the royal courts of ancient kings to the narrow lanes of bustling cities, the sight of colorful kites dancing in the sky has long been synonymous with joy and camaraderie. The sport holds a special place in Indian culture, symbolizing freedom, celebration, and the spirit of unity.

Director Sameer Khan, inspired by his own childhood memories of flying kites, embarked on a creative journey to bring the magic of kite flying to the silver screen. Drawing from the rich tapestry of India’s cultural heritage, Khan weaves a fictional narrative set against the vibrant backdrop of Punjab, where the tradition of kite flying thrives.

At the heart of “Gabru Gang” lies the story of Rajbeer Saluja, a young boy whose passion for kite flying leads him to form the Gabru Gang with his friends Arshad and Uday. Their journey is not just about competition but also about friendship, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. Through exhilarating kite battles and heartwarming moments, the film captures the essence of this age-old tradition, inviting audiences to rediscover the joy of kite flying.

Produced by an esteemed ensemble including Ashok Goenka, Arti Puri, Vivek Sinha, and Sameer Khan himself, “Gabru Gang” boasts a stellar cast led by Abhishek Duhan, Srishty Rode, Avtar Gill, and Arti Puri. With a soundtrack featuring compositions by Usmaan Khan, Sandeep Nath, Manj Musik, and others, the film promises to captivate audiences with its soul-stirring music and poignant storytelling.

As “Gabru Gang” takes flight on the silver screen, it serves as a celebration of India’s cultural heritage and a tribute to the timeless tradition of kite flying. In a world dominated by digital distractions, the film offers a nostalgic reminder of the simple pleasures found in traditional games and the importance of preserving our cultural roots.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of “Gabru Gang” in the theatres. Join Rajbeer and the Gabru Gang on their exhilarating journey through the skies, and let the spirit of kite flying soar once again in your hearts. And of course win that golden ticket to travel to Dubai, stay at a luxury hotel, get driven by a chauffeur vehicle and shop with the USD 500 allowance from the makers. What more can one ask for!


Sameer Khan’s GABRU GANG Promises Two  Viewers An All-Expenses Paid Trip To Dubai!

KALYAANI SINGH Writer And Director Says Faith Is The Most Powerful Medicine, Most Powerful Tool That Gives One Confidence To Achieve The Impossible

KALYAANI SINGH Writer And Director  Says Faith Is The Most Powerful Medicine, Most Powerful Tool That Gives One Confidence To Achieve The Impossible

If one’s karma is good and one’s faith in the almighty Waheguru is true and from the heart, then believe me, nothing is impossible. Faith can move mountains!

Once you are at peace with yourself and God, you can see miracles everywhere and I strongly believe that if your faith in God is ultimate, you can be sure that he is always walking with you, will look after you and will never let you down! Guru Nanak says, “He, the God will not let you bow in front of anyone if you have belief, faith and your karma is good”; And that is the story of my film “Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai” says Kalyaani Singh, the writer and director of the movie.

She says that when she wrote the story and chose this title, she was aware that it would be compared to the biggest blockbuster of Punjabi cinema that was produced 55 years ago and is still looked upon as one of the best record-breaking works in the industry. But as she said earlier, it was her faith in God that gave her the courage to go ahead and her Karma that told her, she was born to make this film. “I had very positive vibes all around me and I told my husband Maann Singh, renowned journalist & writer who doesn’t mince words and is extremely honest, about my idea for the film & this title. He heard the story and said just 2 words – GO AHEAD!”

Continuing the journey, Kalyaani Singh discusses the development of her project. “I was very happy & confident and then discussed the story in detail with him. This is when he told me that 55 years ago, God had chosen non-Punjabi filmmakers, the very well-known Maheshwari brothers to make this ambitious project successfully and this time he has chosen us, non-Punjabis again, to make a film with the same name and continue its spirit. The first message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is that “The world is one, all humans are equal”, and it is only our belief in almighty that binds us together.


With the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, I called our actors as who I believed can carry the film on their strong shoulders and do justice to my subject. Choosing a good star cast means half the work is already done!

Though the story of my film is entirely different from the first one, every performance of my actors will be compared with actors from the previous film and especially with the legendary Prithviraj Kapoor. My actors were excited, but will they be able to devote themselves to the script as I have dreamed of? I was shocked when I saw Mukesh Rishi, Vindu Dara Singh, Sardar Sohi, and Dolly Mattoo performing! They were deeply involved in their roles, and nothing could make me happier.

 My husband and producer of the film, Maann Singh Deep, who was always on the set sitting in some corner and watching the public who were coming to see the shooting, was pleasantly shocked & surprised with the reaction of the public.

 Maann Singh Ji told me one day at our hotel room after the shoot, “Kalyaani, do you know why are we not disturbed by the public even in crowded places? Because for them it is not just any ordinary film; it is their faith in the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji that they listen to every dialogue with full faith and attention. They close their eyes when they listen to the shabads played on speakers as they are in a state of meditation.”  It is a big responsibility on my tiny shoulders, but I am sure that my guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji is with me, his blessings are with me, and he will guide me all the way to make this an extremely memorable film.

 “Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai” is a very holy name, which not only Punjabis, but other caste/religion people also have faith and belief in. This film was made 55 years ago starring the legendary actors Prithviraj Kapoor, I. S. Johar, Vimi and Som Dutt. It had won a national award at that time and broke all the records as far as box office collection is concerned. Till today, no Punjabi film has broken the footfall record of “Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai” yet. This movie was also the only Punjabi movie in history to be a Golden Jubilee.

 After 55 years, once again, the film is being made with a different story and renowned star cast. This modern “Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai” is an international Punjabi film which will be released in Punjabi, Hindi, along with English subtitles. Also, this film is the only Punjabi film till date in which the holy Golden Temple, Amritsar has been explored so deeply and vastly because of special permissions granted to this film by the official authorities of Golden Temple, Amritsar. This film is starring Mukesh Rishi, Vindu Dara Singh, Dolly Mattoo, Gavie Chahal, Drishti Grewal and Sardar Sohi.

This film is being written and directed by Kalyaani Singh, produced by Maann Singh and Vedant Singh, and co-produced by Amit Awasthi (Reliance Entertainment). The official Music Launch of the film is scheduled on 2nd May 2024, and Reliance Entertainment will be releasing this film worldwide on 24th May 2024.


KALYAANI SINGH Writer And Director  Says Faith Is The Most Powerful Medicine, Most Powerful Tool That Gives One Confidence To Achieve The Impossible

Actress AAAYUSHI Is Very Excited About Her Upcoming Films And Webseries

Actress AAAYUSHI  Is Very Excited About Her Upcoming Films And Webseries

Actress Aaayushi, who made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Murder Plan’, is very excited about her upcoming projects.  Her Bhojpuri film ‘Tashan’, Hindi music album and web series are going to be released soon. In his very first film,  She worked with many veteran actors, including actor Kiran Kumar. She worked in many Hindi films, the main ones being ‘Suspense’,

‘Marriage Dot Com’, ‘Auto Romance in Mumbai’. Apart from films, Aaayushi has also worked in webseries, advertisements and serials.  She played the role in the serial ‘Kahin Der Na Ho Jaye’ which was shown on DD National. Aaayushi has also acted in  Star Plus serial ‘Doli Armaano Ki’. So, she has done a cameo role in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’.

Ayushi has done very good work in the Hindi song ‘Vaada’ and webseries ‘Wafa’. She has also worked in South Indian films which will be released soon. Along with Bollywood and TV industry, Aasyushi has created a distinct identity for herself in Bhojpuri industry. In which the film ‘Sher Singh’

with actor Pawan Singh, the film ‘Sarkailo Khatiya Jara Lage’ with Arvind Akela Kallu, the film ‘Aashirwad Chhatti Maiya Ke’ with Aditya Ojha  and actor Anshuman Singh Rajput, the film ‘Dulhaniya Ganga Paar Ke ‘ with Khesari Lal. ‘, has worked with Sanjay Mishra and Mani Bhattacharya  in the film ‘Sinhora’, with Pramod Prami Yadav in the film ‘Jalakar Rakh Kar Dunga’.

Apart from these, she has done modeling for saree, salwar shoot, lehenga etc. in print advertisements. Aaayushi is a resident of Patna, Bihar and did her primary and higher education there. Aaayushi was interested in acting  and dancing since childhood. She is extremely talented and multi talented. She has been participating in dance and acting  since her school days and has received many awards. Apart from this, she is also adept in sports, she has played Kho-Kho  and Kabaddi till state level. She thought of becoming an air hostess but to fulfill her dream she joined the acting world.  She worked in theatre for two years to learn acting. She got his first break in theatre in Roshan Taneja’s acting class.

After that she gave an audition in Mumbai and got a break in the film ‘Murder Plan’, after which her acting journey  progressed rapidly and even now she is acting. Aasyushi says that she came from a small town and had no film background,  so she had to struggle in the beginning but with her hard work, dedication and luck, she started moving towards success.

She has also been honored with many awards and has also given stage performances in award shows. Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor are his favorite actors. She is influenced by actresses Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra.  Actress Aaayushi believes that if you have seen a dream then you must try to fulfill it, at least once. Otherwise you will always  regret  that we did not try. It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed but don’t be discouraged and keep trying. Know yourself and make your own path. Especially in a male-dominated society, women must try for their survival and to become self-reliant.

To some extent, humans are like robots in which they will do whatever data you enter, hence fill your mind with the best and good data  which will make your life successful and easy. Aaayushi is doing well as an actress and she wants to play a role in the acting world which  is female-oriented and full of good education. She wants that small towns, villages and  all those women who suppress their dreams due to fear  of family and society should wake up and do better work for the country, society and themselves by understanding their skills.  And make the women community proud.


Actress AAAYUSHI Is Very Excited About Her Upcoming Films And Webseries

Shirin Parveen Has Been Honored With Many Awards Inclusive Cinema Aaj Tak Award

Shirin Parveen Has Been Honored With Many Awards Inclusive  Cinema Aaj Tak Award

Actress Shirin Parveen’s South Indian film ‘Quotation Gang’ is going to be released soon. This film will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada languages.  will be seen in gray shade in this film, there is a lot of twist in her character.

There are many well-known actors like Priyamani, Sunny Leone, Jackie Shroff in this film. Shirin Parveen is a resident of Muzaffarpur  (Bihar) but has been active as an actress in Mumbai for a long time. Her first Hindi film in Bollywood is ‘Crazy Lamhein’ which was released in 2016.

She played the lead role in this film. In this she was seen in the role of a famous choreographer. This was also a character of gray shade, in which the truth of darkness hidden behind the shine of the glamor world is shown. After that he worked in the film ‘Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai’.

In this film she has become a glamorous spiritual guru. The film stars actors like Sanjay Mishra and Prem Chopra. Shirin’s film ‘Uns’ is an excellent film which has been shown in festival award shows, this film has received four awards. This film is the story of an abnormal girl named Shanno.

The story of this film has been written by Shirin and the main character is also played by Shirin Parveen. In this film, forced marriage, human trafficking and the thinking of the people of the society have been depicted in a very interesting manner, which is an art film.

This film is related to real life. Shirin has also made a short film on this. Shirin has worked with Ashmit Patel in the film ‘Father Hood’,  in which her character was bold. It is on Ullu app. Initially, Shirin  Parveen also worked in Bhojpuri films and folk songs. Her Bhojpuri film ‘Kalia’ is an action film and the film ‘Sai More Baba’ is a religious film in which she was seen in a negative and effective role.  She has worked with Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh in many folk songs and has also acted in Rakesh Mishra’s Bhojpuri album. Shireen has worked in  films, albums, short films, web series and advertisement films.

Shirin has been honored with many awards such as Cinema Aaj Tak Award and other Awards from Amit Aggarwal Production House.

Shirin has worked in an advertising film with actress Rani Mukherjee. The most interesting and joyful moment for Shirin  was when she met  veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan, the company’s brand ambassador, during the tie-up of Rajhans Company and Green Company in a commercial advertisement in Surat (Gujarat). She was also a part of this ad along with the hosts of this program were Ali Asgar and Kavita Kaushik. Shireen’s two web series are also going to be launched soon. Shireen says that she was a normal housewife but her luck and family supported her and she was able to enter  the world of acting. Initially she worked in Bhojpuri industry and then came to Bollywood. She was nervous in the beginning of her acting in Mayanagari, but then she gathered courage and moved forward and the opportunity took her hand. She gave many auditions and was also selected. She takes full care of her health and body. She is a down to earth person, a good writer and practical. Shirin suggests that if a youth comes to Bollywood to make a name for himself as an artiste and is not successful, then in such a situation he becomes depressed or goes into the world of drugs.

Some become depressed and commit suicide. Which is not correct. Life is very precious. What if you are not successful? If one door closes, many will open in front of you, just recognize it. Try something new by understanding the art and skills within you, try some other career, maybe luck will favor you and you will be successful. You should not sit disappointed with one thing, if you should recognize yourself and do something else, life is precious, make good use of it.


Shirin Parveen Has Been Honored With Many Awards Inclusive Cinema Aaj Tak Award

Actress Poonam Chopra Has Performed In Many National & International Shows, Films And Webseries

Actress Poonam Chopra  Has Performed In Many National & International Shows, Films And Webseries

Actress and dancer Poonam Chopra is giving her best performance in Bollywood as well as Bhojpuri industry.  She has become a new rising star through her dance shows at national and international level.  She has presented her show in many cities like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore.  Her  dance mentor is choreographer Ganesh Acharya. She has expertise in dance categories like Bollywood,  Western and Belly dance etc. She has also given her dance performance in actor Govinda’s dance show.

Her first item song was in the film ‘Run Ban Ka’ with actor Ravi Kishan. After that, Poonam has worked  in many Bhojpuri albums of Bhojpuri producer director Dilip Gulati. Poonam has played the lead role  in Shadab Khan’s webseries ‘Ashleel’. She had an item song and cameo role in the film ‘Careless’. Poonam’s film ‘Ganga Geeta’ is going to be released soon in which she has an item song.

Also a web series is also coming. Poonam has been honored with Dadasaheb Phalke Award and International  Film Festival Award.

She also has item songs in Bhojpuri films ‘Saawariyaan Mohe Rang De’ and ‘Hum Hain Jodi Number One’  in which she got a lot of fame. Poonam has worked in ‘Murder Case’ and T-Series’ music video Teri Tanhaiyan.

Poonam is a big fan of actors Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Pankaj Tripathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Poonam,  fond of acting and dancing since childhood, is a resident of Mumbai. Apart from being a down to earth person, Poonam is hardworking, dedicated, bubbly and polite. Poonam says that those who are punctual, work hard, practical and move forward with concentration on  their destination without giving up, they definitely succeed.

Poonam says that you should always keep learning, your experience makes you mature. There is no dearth of skills in the world, but instead of comparing with others or copying someone,  one should recognize and expose one’s skills. You should have confidence in your skills. One should not give up after a little struggle.  One should try to move forward and learn new things.


Actress Poonam Chopra  Has Performed In Many National & International Shows, Films And Webseries

SANATAN WORLD Youtube Channel Is Not Made Only For A Particular Class But It Is For The Entire Human Race Beyond The Limits Of Any Particular Class

SANATAN WORLD Youtube Channel Is Not Made Only For A Particular Class But It Is For The Entire Human Race Beyond The Limits Of Any Particular Class

‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel is a source and source full of the basic elements and essence of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion. True Sanatan Hinduism is a thousands of years old religion which is also known as Hinduism, this religion is vast and eternal. Which includes religion, devotion, knowledge and renunciation. The essence of unity is in diversity.

The entire family of SK Tiwari and his ancestors have been propagating and expanding this Sanatan Dharma for many generations and in the future too, their family will continue to spread the light of true Sanatan Hindu Dharma in this Kaliyugi world without any fear. To spread the flag of true Sanatan Hindu religion to the masses and to awaken the flame

of Sanatan not only in India but in the whole world, SK Tiwari is spreading it to the masses through his ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel.’Sanatan World’ is very vast, it includes Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Upvedas, Vedangas, policies, Shastras, Upashastras, Aranyakas, Samhita, epics, Srimad Bhagavad Geeta, Devi Bhagavad, philosophy, traditions and rituals etc.

The expanse of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion is so vast that it would be rare for a human being to read and understand this religion and all its religious texts in one lifetime. Also, in this era of modernity, people are short of time and some have moved away from it due to the influence of Kalyugi. In such a time, SK Tiwari is trying to simplify the aspects related  to the complete truth of Sanatan Hindu religion, the basics of Vedas, Puranas, Shastras, Upanishads etc. through music and reach it to the Sanatani people all over the world through his ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel. Doing good work.

There is only one strong desire behind this work that the true Sanatan Hindu religion should be propagated and the information,  knowledge and good thoughts related to it should reach the people all over the world. This is a selfless work for which SK Tiwari, CEO of ‘Sanatan World’ is willing to donate his entire capital and labour. SK Tiwari is moving forward alone for this work. He has not taken anyone’s help or donation. It is not a means to achieve any commercial objective. SK Tiwari’s ancestors have dedicated their lives to spreading the true Sanatan Hindu religion for many generations. SK Tiwari is a follower of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion and an admirer and propagator of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion.

‘Sanatan World’ youTube channel is not made only for a particular class but it is for the entire human race beyond the limits of any particular class.

Music is such a medium which passes through our ears and enters our heart and gets absorbed in our mind. Therefore, SK Tiwari is doing an excellent job of presenting the basics and details of all the religious texts like Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Vedanga, Geeta, Shastras etc through “Sanatan World” YouTube Channel, along with musical pearls and making them available to the masses in a simple form as soon as possible.

In ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel you can find every episode related to Sanatan Dharma. You can give details of the religious information you want to receive through ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel. You can write your suggestions through your comments. By sharing, you can pass on this excellent musical knowledge to other members of your family, relatives and friends.In this Kaliyuga, where due to busy schedules people do not have time to read religious texts or watch reels, it would be a better option to show the right path to the people who are going astray and to gain

knowledge and earn virtue in a short time. ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel is the heritage of Sanatan Dharma whose doors are open to everyone.’Sanatan World’ YouTube channel is working to convey the complete truth and details of Sanatan Hindu religion to the masses through music.

 The inclusion of the sutras ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ and ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ will be found only in ‘Sanatan World’.


SANATAN WORLD Youtube Channel Is Not Made Only For A Particular Class But It Is For The Entire Human Race Beyond The Limits Of Any Particular Class

Vachi Art Gallery Presents THE SOUL’S CANVAS Paintings Exhibition By 11 Eminent Artists

Vachi Art Gallery Presents THE SOUL’S CANVAS Paintings Exhibition By 11 Eminent Artists

From: 22nd to 28th April 2024

Vachi Art Gallery Presents

“The Soul’s Canvas”

Expressions of Inner Worlds”

An Exhibition of paintings by 11 eminent artists – Somenath Maity, Pradip Sarkar, Anand Panchal, Bhaskar Rao, Ganpati Hegde, Nilesh Nikam, Amol Pawar, Sukanta Das, Rahul Dangat, Paras Parmar, Arti Vohra.


Vachi Art Gallery

141-B, 1st Floor, Atria Mall

Dr. Annie Besant Road,

Worli, Mumbai 400 018

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: +91 9152011110


Colourful realms of life

          A group art exhibition showcasing the works of 11 eminent artists has been presented by Vachi Art Gallery at 141-B, 1st Floor, Atria Mall, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018 from 22 to 28 April, 2024. It will be open for free public viewing there daily from 11 am. to 7 pm.

          The contemporary artists participating in this group art show are Somenath Maity, Pradip Sarkar, Anand Panchal, Bhaskar Rao, Ganpati Hegde, Nilesh Nikam, Amol Pawar, Sukanta Das, Rahul Dangat, Paras Parmar, Arti Vohra

          Various works will be presented in different mediums and techniques by the participating artists as per their thematic perceptions.

Nature occupies an important place in the conceptual paintings in this art show. It signifies various norms of Life in Nature and Gods in Nature in the pictorial forms as paintings. In a way, the vivid works to be displayed in this show will be focussed on Nature and its sanctity in life.

This show was inaugurated on 22nd April 2024 by Manjari Thanawala, Owner Chesterfield Furniture in the presence of Mahendra Kalantri, Director, Acclaim Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Rtn Khuzem Sakarwala, Co-founder Rotary Club of Mumbai Bravehearts, Mr. Prashant Kashikar, Managing Director, Mika Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Vachi Art Gallery Presents THE SOUL’S CANVAS Paintings Exhibition By 11 Eminent Artists

Finally Wait Is Over As Seductive Romantic Song ‘Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai’ Full Song Is Released!

Finally Wait Is Over As Seductive Romantic Song ‘Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai’ Full Song Is Released!

Finally wait Is over for fans and romantic song enthusiasts as Seductive Romantic Song ‘Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai’ Full Song is Released on Friday 19th April 2024 !

The Seductive Romantic Hindi Video Song Album Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai is made under the banner of Shan Se Entertainment & Produced by Shantanu Bhamare. Heart touching Lyrics and Music Composed by  Ankur Ojha, Sung by Ankur Ojha & Pari Thakur.  Male Version is sung by Pranshu Jha. Ankur’s many songs are released on prestigious Zee Music Record Label.

Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai  Stars gorgeous Anna Gavrichkova who was born at Brjansk, Bryanskaya Oblast’, Russia & raised in Moscow, Russia, apart from Model & Actor she practices Yoga very seriously. She participated in several films, one of them is The Kerala Story.  She is full of love for India and wants all people on earth to live in peace and love and is paired opposite Handsome & Multi talented actor Shantanu Bhamare.  This song is being made keeping in mind generation Y & generation Z (typically for age from 18 years to 35 years), though generation X may like it if they have latest test, and they are going with the flow with the current generation.

Posters, Teaser, Audio Version & Audio Streaming was released on an auspicious day Tuesday 9th April 2024 – Gudi Padwa before, since then excited about the song was increased dramatically. Fans and romantic song enthusiasts were eagerly looking forward to the release of Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai full song!

Video shooting of the Song was carried out at Beach House, Madh Island, Mumbai under the Direction of Ravi Sharma, Choreographed by Chetna Singh, Conceptualized by Pooja Basnet, Cinematographed by Ravi Sharma. Still Photography by Tapan Behera and Makeup & Hair Artist Vrushali Tupe ! Ravi Sharma is Director for many prestigious projects like Sanam Teri Kasam / D.O.G /AADESH / Zee Music / T – Series / Mb Music.

For the first time you will see Shantanu in such a Seductive Romantic song. For any Seductive Romantic song there has to be very good understanding and chemistry by co-star which was shown by Anna Gavrichkova, she really got into her character and given her best scenes  in the song, you will find this song Shantanu’s and Anna’s chemistry looks very natural as if they know each other since long.

Other than video format it’s already released on all the audio streaming platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Wynk, JioSaavn, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Gana, Spotify, Hungama Music, Resso, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, etc.  along with Caller Tunes for all the Telecom Operators. As well as it will be released on various OTTs like Hungama Music, Hungama Play, Hungama, OnePlus TV, MI Led TV, Tata Play Music, HeftyVerse, TCL, Amazon FireTV Stick, Airtel Digital TV, etc.

Producer of the Song Shantanu Bhamare is committed to do enough marketing & promotion of the song to get minimum 3 million views for wide reach ! He believes that every producer should invest equal amount of money required to producer the song for marketing and promotion as well to reach it to millions of people. As ‘Jo Dikhta Hai, Wo Bikta Hai’.

Shantanu’s journey began in 2013 when he made his first appearance on the big screen in Suniel Shetty’s film ‘Enemmy’ (2013). Over the years, Shantanu has consistently showcased his acting talent in several notable projects, including ‘Mantra’ (2017), ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects’ (2019), ‘Jhalki’ (2019) and ‘Collar Bomb’ (2021). Shantanu is well known for his significant role of a Jailer in ‘Fire Of Love RED’ Hindi Feature Film against famous Kamlesh Sawant Ji (Drishyam fame worked with Ajay Devgan, Bhoothnath Returns worked with Amitabh Bachchan, Force, etc.).

Venturing beyond traditional cinema, Shantanu is now in discussions for two Hindi Web Series one is Scooter Riston Ka in which he played role of a Groom and another one is Full Marriage, Half Marriage, No Marriage in which he played role of a Vashikaran Baba. Both Hindi Web Series will be either released on prestigious Amazon Prime OTT or Disney Hotstar OTT under banner of ClickTV.

His upcoming Hindi Feature Films are Shaque- The Doubt!, New York to Haridwar, Breaking News, Sorry Mother & Bhagwa. In all of these Hindi Feature Films he is going to play significant various character roles.

As we hear the sentiments from grapevine that this song will reach places and will become super-duper hit seductive romantic song of year 2024, which can easily get 3 millions views !


Finally Wait Is Over As Seductive Romantic Song ‘Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai’ Full Song Is Released!


Music Album DIL BEKRAAR Starring Deepak Kumar And Muskan Bhargava Launched, Producer Sohar Kumar Ram, Singer Soniya Devi

Music Album DIL BEKRAAR Starring Deepak Kumar And Muskan Bhargava Launched, Producer Sohar Kumar Ram, Singer Soniya Devi

दीपक कुमार और मुस्कान भार्गव अभिनीत म्युज़िक अल्बम “दिल बेकरार” हुआ लांच, निर्माता सोहर कुमार राम, गायिका सोनिया देवी हैं

मुम्बई के व्यंजन बैंक्वेट हॉल में हुए एक भव्य समारोह में दीपक कुमार और मुस्कान भार्गव अभिनीत म्युज़िक अल्बम “दिल बेकरार” लांच किया गया जहां इस म्युज़िक वीडियो के निर्माता सोहर कुमार राम, गायिका सोनिया देवी सहित गीत से जुड़ी पूरी टीम मौजूद रही।  इस शानदार समारोह में जब गाना दिखाया गया तो सभी ने पसन्द किया। यह गाना काफी रोमांटिक है जिसमे एक कहानी भी है।

दिल बेकरार के वीडियो में बॉलीवुड में डेब्यू कर रहे आर्टिस्ट दीपक कुमार के अपोजिट मुस्कान भार्गव ने अभिनय किया है साथ ही सोनिया देवी ने भी महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई है। यंग ऎक्टर दीपक कुमार ने बताया कि यह बहुत ही अच्छा गाना बना है। सोहर कुमार राम ने इसका निर्माण किसी फिल्मी सॉन्ग की तरह किया है।

मुस्कान भार्गव ने मीडिया से बात करते हुए कहा कि दिल बेकरार किसी फ़िल्म का गीत लगता है और इसमे पूरी टीम की मेहनत शामिल है। इस अवसर पर इस गाने पर हीरो हीरोइन दीपक और मुस्कान ने स्टेज पर रोमांटिक अंदाज में डांस भी किया। इनकी जोड़ी और केमिस्ट्री स्क्रीन पर खूबसूरत लग रही है।

निर्माता सोहर कुमार राम ने बताया कि दिल बेकरार दिल को छू लेने वाला गीत है, इसका गीतकार भी मैं ही हूँ। वीडियो में यंगस्टर्स एक्टर्स दीपक कुमार और मुस्कान भार्गव का लुक और उनकी एक्टिंग कमाल की है।

बता दें कि दिल बेकरार गीत को सोनिया देवी ने गाया है और संगीत दिया है हर्ष व्यास ने। गीत सोहर कुमार राम ने लिखा है। डीओपी अखिलेश के जी गौर, कोरियोग्राफर सागर सम्राट, एडिटर व डायरेक्टर स्वदेश के मिश्रा हैं।


दीपक कुमार और मुस्कान भार्गव अभिनीत म्युज़िक अल्बम “दिल बेकरार” हुआ लांच, निर्माता सोहर कुमार राम, गायिका सोनिया देवी हैं

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