TV Actress Verses Plastic Surgeon Case – Is It Relationship Turned Sour?

TV Actress Verses Plastic Surgeon Case – Is It Relationship Turned Sour?

A television actress has filed a police complaint alleging that a renowned celebrity cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Mumbai, has molested her.

The Forty two year-old actress, the complainant, is going through a troubled marriage and is fighting a divorce case in the family court which is still pending.

Meanwhile, the doctor (Dr. Viral Desai), has pleaded in his anticipatory bail Application, a copy of which is with this correspondent, he has contended that they had a consensual relationship while vehemently denying rape charge. He further claimed that it’s a relationship gone sour and she was trying to extort huge amount of money to not file this false complaint.

Explaining the same before the court, Dr Desai through his document said, “No where in the FIR has the complainant stated that she resisted when the applicant (doctor) had allegedly forced himself upon her. This shows that it was consensual act and that the entire FIR is an afterthought.”

The copy further states that the two had met a several number of times at various place. “It is the case of the complainant herself that all the staff at the doctor’s house as well as at his clinic are well-familiar with her and that the two have travelled together on several occasions. This clearly shows the nature of relationship among them, and thus the evidence referred, thus makes it clear that the FIR has been filed without merits,” the copy reads.

The court has him granted interim protection till September 5 and asked the investigating police officer not to take any coercive action against the petitioner.

The complainant has charged the doctor of sexually assaulting her on the 9th of August when she went to his clinic.

The doctor, on the other hand, has alleged that he had a Love affair with the complainant since last few years and they were having consensual physical relations at various hotels and at his clinic on a number of occasions. He has filed photographs in the court to show how intimate they were and also produced WhatsApp chats to show that they were in a relationship and this has happened several times at the behest of complainant herself. Even after the alleged incident of rape they went together for dinner from his clinic and had chats with her on a regular basis.

Dr Desai has submitted proofs to show that they were in love with each other and that he has submitted the names of the hotels, photographs, chats and CCTV footage.

Indywood Distribution Network Bags Rights To Distribute Prassthanam – Releasing Soon In GCC

Indywood Distribution Network Bags Rights To Distribute Prassthanam – Releasing Soon In GCC

Indywood Distribution Network now owns rights of distribution of the official Hindi remake of the 2010 Telugu film ‘Prassthanam’ and would be released in GCC soon.  The much-awaited trailer of Sanjay Dutt’s Prassthanam was released on 29th August, 2019 and the film promises a lot of action and twists. The film, which is the official Hindi remake of the 2010 Telugu film of the same name, also features Manisha Koirala, Chunky Panday, Jackie Shroff, Ali Fazal and Amyra Dastur.

The original Telugu film-Prassthanam featured Sharwanand, Sai Kumar, Sundeep Kishan and Ruby Parihar in pivotal roles. It was directed by Deva Katta, who has also helmed the Hindi version. Produced by Maanayata Dutt (wife of Sanjay Dutt), the remake of Prassthanam will open in theatres on September 20.

The trailer which was released, shows a child asking Sanjay Dutt’s character about the morality behind lord Rama killing Ravana and shows Sanjay Dutt fighting goons. Sanjay Dutt plays the role of Baldev Pratap Singh, the head of a political family, and his two sons (played by Ali Fazal and Satyajeet Dubey) fight against each other to carry forward his legacy. Jackie Shroff proves his loyalty to Sanjay Dutt by supporting him throughout the political war.

Chunky Panday also plays a prominent role in the movie and shows a head-to-head political battle along with Sanjay Dutt with a glimpses of Manisha Koirala, Ali Fazal, Satyajeet Dubey and Amyra Dastur.  The plot of Prassthanam touched upon the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata to depict the choice of war between right and wrong even in this era.

With the intention to support art worth movies and share it worldwide, Sohan Roy’s Indywood Distribution Network(IDN) focuses on 40 countries which includes U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and many other. Recently IDN successfully released a Marathi Movie named ‘ BABA’ in South Korea and it was the first Marathi movie which was released in the country.

Coconut Cha Raja The Biggest Corporate Ganpati Celebration Will Embark On Final Journey Amid Colours-Dhol-Drums And Ganpati Bappa Moreya Chants

Coconut Cha Raja  The Biggest Corporate Ganpati Celebration Will Embark On Final Journey Amid Colours-Dhol-Drums And Ganpati Bappa Moreya Chants

Spearheaded by Coconut Media Box

4th September,2019 will observe Coconut Cha Raja’s visarjan processions. In its 5th year the massive procession will start from  Kotia Nirman,New Link Rd, Andheri West, Mumbai till Juhu Circle from 4:00 pm onwards.

There will be zeal, vigour and colour as devotees will move to the beats of the dhol tasha. The sounds of the huge symbols, the lezium will overtake the sounds of the horns on the roads of Mumbai.

Asia’s largest Ganapathi visarjan will have more than 3000 artists performing live from various parts of Maharashtra & South which includes ; 1000- Puneri Dhol, 150 – Nashik Benja, 1000 – Mumbai’s famous Dahi Handi Pathak, 200 – Varied Maharashtra Folk Dancers, 10- Maha Aarti at Juhu Beach & 200- Captivating performances 

Coconut Cha Raja happens to be the only Ganpati celebration in Mumbai with a noble cause. With the theme- Pearl which which signifies purity, Coconut Cha Raja will bid farewell with an initiative #IAMYOURBAPPA  to help the people in need and fulfill any one wish which can be achieved by common people. Every person has an opportunity to fulfill 1 wish which he / she can afford. #IAMYOURBAPPA objective for this Ganesh Utsav is to achieve 5000 needy people.

While lakhs of devotees will be on the roads , security will tight to ensure the processions make its way without hassles or untoward incident.

Mumbai’s biggest corporate ganpati which is #CoconutChaRaja gives  24 hrs live darshan on social media handles of #CoconutChaRaja.

Bappa ko Pranam Aur aap ko Salam an initiative to salute all the police men of Mumbai and appreciating them with token of gratitude & certificate.

Miss Earth Attended Elite Foundation NGO’s Plantation And Yagna

Miss Earth Attended Elite Foundation NGO’s Plantation And Yagna

Elite Foundation NGO recently organized a plantation event in Delhi which was attended by Miss Earth and Miss State, who had come from Vietnam. Post that the beauty pageant winners also took part in a special yagna which was performed for purification of environment.

Elite Foundation is actively working for the betterment of mother nature and has pledged to plant 10 crore trees across India. The NGO has also planned to organise 1,08,000 Kundi Maha Yagnas for air purification and to create a healthy environment.

Present at the occasion were Virendra Agarwal of the Elite Foundation, Kamal Malkani, Jitendra Prasad, Lokesh Rathore, Sumit Kumar amongst others.

Virendra Agarwal, Founder Human Rights, and Elite Foundation said, “Our main aim is to create awareness and sensitize people about the value and importance of our environment, environmental issues and its adverse impact on our lives. We wish to empower people to contribute to a sustainable and green world. I think the greatest service which can be rendered to any country, is to add a useful plant to its culture and we hope many people come and join us in this initiative.”

Pranab Mukherjee Awards Menaka Gandhi With 2019 Bharatiya Manavata Vikas Puraskar

Pranab Mukherjee Awards Menaka Gandhi With 2019 Bharatiya Manavata Vikas Puraskar

Bharatiya Manavata Vikas Puraskar (BMVP) is a distinctive initiative, a unique stage of some of the most powerful and humane minds from across the nation. BMVP is a platform created for leaders from the sphere of Politics, Business, Academics and Entertainment who have contributed towards enhancing the cause of human development in India.

Selected by a committee of 24 (twenty four) jury members, headed by Dr. J K Mitra, Former Dean, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, the power-packed day would witness the conferring of 09 National leaders from various walks of life who have built a brand of faith and hope through their conviction and actions while remaining committed to bring about a change in the society and championing the cause of equity, humanity, social justice and human welfare.

In attendance to support, believe in and cherish change the nation needs, and its prime agents, would be the most luminous lights of this country including- Entrepreneurs, NGOs, CEOs, Politicians, Academicians, Media Giants, Sports and Film personalities, et al from around the nation. The ten eminent awardees who were honoured by former President Pranab Mukherjee were Arunachalam Muruganantham, Nafisa Ali Sodhi, Menaka Gandhi, Lakshmi Agarwal, Mansi Pradhan, Dr Prakash Amte, Sandeep Pandey, Anu Agha, Belinda Wright and Santanu Mishra of Smile Foundation.

While speaking Pranab Mukherjee left his papers and broke into a passionate extempore and said he was delighted to come and hand over the awards to such wonderful people and said it’s “being humane that’s most important in the world to become human beings”. Till the time we can’t become humane we can’t become humans.It is for the first time that he awarded the non Congress member of Gandhi family, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi.

Grand Inauguration Of Padmavati Jewellers At Chikuwadi Borivali West Mumbai

Grand Inauguration Of Padmavati Jewellers At Chikuwadi Borivali West Mumbai

मुम्बई: बोरीवली पच्छिम स्थित चिक्कूवाड़ी में पद्मावती जेवेलर्स उदघाटन पर बहुचे भाजपा सांसद गोपाल शेट्टी । इस अवसर पर गोपाल शेट्टी,आदरणीय बापूजी,मनमोहन गुप्ता वरिस्ठ समाज सेवक व उद्दोगपति,गणेश जोशी चैयरमैन पदमावति जेवेलर्स,और जोशी फैमिली,व तमाम स्थानिक लोग मौजूद रहे । गौरतलब हो कि पदमावती जेवेलर्स चेयरमैन गणेश जोशी । भारी भीड़ देखकर काफी उत्साहित नज़र आये । पदमावती जेवेलर्स उदघाटन देखने के लिए लोगो भारी भीड़ उमड़ी । चैयरमैन गणेश जोशी बताते है कि आज के दिन अभूतपूर्व खरीददारी  हुई है, गोल्ड । डायमंड, रत्नजड़ित आभूषण, रिकॉर्डतोड़ बिक्री दर्ज की गई । साथ ही इन्होंने कहा पदमावती जेवेलर्स भरोसे का दूसरा नाम है, पदमावती जेवेलर्स बहुचर्चित जेवेलरों में से एक है ।


बहुत कम समय मे उभर कर सामने आया है । वही गणेश जोशी व तमाम मेहमानों का क्या कुछ कहना था आइये आपको सुनवाते है ।

Grand Muhurat Of Bhojpuri Film TEJASHWINI YADAV IPS With Song Recording In Mumbai

Grand  Muhurat Of Bhojpuri Film TEJASHWINI YADAV IPS With Song Recording In Mumbai

Muhurat Of Amrita Arts Presentation Bhojpuri Film TEJASWANI YADAV I.P.S.

With Song Recording was held In Mumbai, with the presence of many Bollywood & Bhojpuri Celebrities and Media Persons with the entire Crew and starcast of the film. This  Lavish Film Is Being Written And Directed By MURALI, D.O.P.  DINESH SINGH, Music By OM JHA, Singers : KALPNA SHUKLA and others

Produced by  UMAR KHAN, Co- Producer : RADESHYAM  RAI, Exe. Producer : ADITYA SHUKLA, Starring : PRINCE SINGH RAJPUT, ROOPA SINGH, SUNJAY PANDEY, DEVESH YADAV,  ADITYA SHUKLA And Others. The Film is scheduled to go on 1st Shooting Schedule very soon in many lovely locales of India.


आनेवाली भोजपुरी फिल्म तेजश्वनी यादव आई पी एस । का मुहूर्त  नारियल तोड़कर व केक काटकर अल्का यागनिक स्टूडियो में किआ गया । इस अवसर पर प्रिंस सिंह राजपूत, रूपा सिंह, शुभम तिवारी, राइटर डायरेक्टर   मुरली जी, प्रोड्यूसर उमर खान, आदित्य शुक्ला, कुमार गौतम, दिवेश यादव, और एंटायर टीम मैजूद रही । आपको बता दे कि तेजश्वनी यादव आई पी एस । नारी प्रधान फ़िल्म है । इसमें आपको ऐक्शन, ड्रामा,रोमांस,सबकुछ देखने को मिलेगा,जो दर्शकों को खूब पसंद आयेगा । फ़िल्म में मनोरंजन का पूरा पूरा ख्याल रखा गया है । वही प्रिंस सिंह राजपूत, रूपा सिंह, संजय पांडे और सुभम तिवारी। मुख्य भूमिका में नज़र आनेवाले है । गौरतलब हो कि मुहूरत के साथ साथ गाने की रिकॉर्डिंग कल्पना शुक्ला की आवाज़ में संगीत बद्ध किआ है ओम झा ने । वही प्रिंस सिंह राजपूत और रूपा सिंह का क्या कुछ कहना था,आइये आपको सुनवाते है

Sterlite Power Heralds In Robotic Technology Skyrob For Safe & Efficient OPGW Stringing On High Voltage Lines

Sterlite Power Heralds In Robotic Technology Skyrob For Safe & Efficient OPGW Stringing On High Voltage Lines
  • Launch of Robotic Technology ‘Skyrob’ for Live-line work on high voltage power lines.
  • ‘Skyrob’ significantly reduces human intervention during operations and ensures safety.
  • Technology aimed at enhancing speed of operation 3X times.

New Delhi, 29th August 2019: Sterlite Power, a leading global developer of power transmission assets, has pioneered robotic technology for the installation of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) on high voltage power transmission lines under energized (‘live-line’) conditions. For the first time in India, this method will be deployed to replace existing earth wire.  Skyrob assisted operations for OPGW stringing will enhance safety and accelerate speed as well as quality of projects. Furthermore, Skyrob can perform visual inspection and health monitoring of existing earth wire and  conductors of the transmission line.

Launching this latest technology with OPGW stringing of the 400 kV Gurgaon-Bhiwadi line, Mr. Pravin Agarwal, Group Chairman, Sterlite Power, said“ Innovation is a core value which inspires us to push technological boundaries and develop state of the art solutions, addressing customer challenges through the framework of time, space and capital. We put a very high premium on safety, and it is paramount for us across the group”. 

Mr. Manish Agarwal, CEO, Solutions Business, Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd. said, “We are encouraged by the government’s progressive steps towards uptake of fiber-based communication systems for grid reliability and control. Innovations like ‘Skyrob’ will accelerate the roll out of these systems to replace legacy protection and communication systems”.

A reliable energy delivery system requires resilient infrastructure and the increasing complexity of Grid operations significantly necessitates dynamic monitoring of Grid conditions on a real-time basis. To enable this, Sterlite Power delivers OPGW based communication systems having reliability, availability, security of the highest order and least latency delivering over 8000+ km of OPGW under live line conditions.

About Sterlite Power

Sterlite Power is a leading global developer of power transmission infrastructure with projects of over 13,315 circuit kms and 23,885 MVA in India and Brazil. With an industry-leading portfolio of power conductors, EHV cables and OPGW, Sterlite Power also offers solutions for upgrading, uprating and strengthening existing networks. The Company has set new benchmarks in the industry by use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative financing. Sterlite Power is also the sponsor of IndiGrid, India’s first power sector Infrastructure Investment Trust (“InvIT”), listed on the BSE and NSE.

Chappan Churi Is One Of The Biggest Item Song Says Manndakini Bora

Chappan Churi Is One Of The Biggest Item Song  Says Manndakini Bora

Chappan Churi releasing on 30th August, 2019. 

Music on – Zee Music 

The song visually has been shot aesthetically and seems to be next big thing.With more than 50 dancers who were a part of big budget films, Chappan Churi is one of the biggest item songs shot featuring Rakhi Sawant .


Produced and sung by singer Manndakini Bora the song ‘Chappan Churi’ features both Manndakini Bora & Rakhi Sawant. The song has music by Javed Hussain, lyrics by Deepak Noor, and Rajeev Khinchi was the director of music Video.

Jeet Kumar And Hemangini Patadia Join Hands To Produce Film Ulte

Jeet Kumar And Hemangini Patadia Join Hands To Produce Film Ulte

Ulte is a comedy drama movie starring multi starrer star cast Actors like Jeet Upendra, Mustak Khan, Aroon Bakshi, Firoz Irani, Adi Irani, Kiran Acharya, Falguni Rajani, Ali Khan, Sachin Patil, Satish Chauhan, Sweta Godge, Sajida and Krishna.

The story starts with Uttam Rao Laxman Rao Tendulkar a common man from a very small village gets heavily harassed for his genuineness he  is a character who never compromising Morals & Principles  no matter what but in a hilarious way with his innocence and witty sense of humor.

This movie is produce by two people.Hemangini Patadia & Jeet Kumar They both are the only producer of this movie . Hemangini Patadia  production company is named as SHALOM FILMS INTERNATIONAL and Jeet kumar production company is named  G- NEE ENTERTAINMENT.

Hemangini Patadia (owner)  production company is named as SHALOM FILMS INTERNATIONAL

The story line is based about bogus voting so far people have heard about bogus voting but they don’t know how it happened. This movie will inform the audience about the fake election system which is happening since very long time. Take away is very good message which will last very long with the audience.

The climax will be very interesting which shows the curiosity level about Discovering How this Rackets Work “Fake Voters “and how they are established! Will they be exposed or no this is the suspense which will make audience to sit on the edge of their chair.

How “Fake Voters” are protects and preserved years after year till next elections.

There are four songs in the movie and all comes in very apt timing. 1 is Ganapati song which was launched recently by none other than the famous singer Sudesh Bhosle all the songs are the major parts in the movie.

Audience will definitely enjoy the Comedy & Thriller Film with pinch of bitter &sad reality of unhealthy politics. This movie is of light hearted comedy with logic attached to it. Get Ready to watch Hindi movie “ULTE ” with Entire Nation Releasing soon…….See you in CINEMA on big screen welcoming all.

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