Shaan Photography Stopped Time for Ravishing Raavi Ambiger

Shaan Photography  Stopped Time for Ravishing Raavi Ambiger

Celebrating her birthday on September 15th, the world famous Shaan Photography studio, actually stopped the time for the beauty of the ravishing RaaviAmbiger. It is difficult to believe that the pictures are actually of an Asst. Professor of Engineering at the Mumbai University, but it is true.RaaviAmbiger, born in Gadag, Karnataka, came to Mumbai in 2012 shortly after getting her degree in Civil Engineering.

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Today, she is an Asst. Professor of Engineering at the Mumbai University. She is not only beautiful, but also well educated. What has made her come to?What made her come to Bollywood then? Putting it in her own words: “… its only confidence…” This is not the first and, certainly, will not be the last photo shoot of Shaan Photography forRaaviAmbiger. The beauty and the renowned photo studio have long lasting great history.

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RaaviAmbigerhas also a long list in her portfolio of greatMagazines of catalog shoots she did, which include (and certainly are not limited to):

  • Modelz View cover page
  • Debonair Magazine cover page twice
  • Smart photography twice
  • Abraxus Magazine

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There are more movies in the pipeline of the famous Bollywood star RaaviAmbigerand an educated guess is that we will see more new photo shoots of her coming from Shaan Photography.

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Celebrating her birthday with the photo shoot we see the Star and her beauty. However, there are some very important people backstage who have contributed immensely for this beauty and popularity. Here’s a glimpse of ‘Behind TheScenes’ of this celebration photo shoot and the people who made it possible:

RaaviAmbiger works (beside her professor duties ofAsst. Professor of Engineering at the Mumbai University) for Angel Models. This is the most famous modeling agency in Mumbai and Delhi, run by Mr. Quresh Songarwala. The styling, makeup and hair for the celebration photo shoot were done by the renowned Rowa KhanRowa Khan is also top of her class. Rowa Khan is the one of the greatest Stylers in Bollywood as well as certainly the best makeup artist in Bollywood. Last, but certainly not the least of the team responsible for the beauty which has stopped time during the celebration photo shoot is the Shaan Photography studio. This is probably the most popular studio in the fashion photography. Its picture production has found its place to top world magazines such as (and again not limited to) Elle, Debonair, Glamour, My Fashion, Celebrity, Allure, Style watch, Fashionera. Beside still pictures of hundreds of models, the studio is also engaged in various other projects. It is engaged in film production for Bollywood. Putting it in their own words: “What makes us unique is our passion, creativity and dedication in capturing the most important day of your life, and turning it into beautiful art, cherished for generations.”  Theyhave certainly did it again with Raavi.

We are all looking forward to more impressive work of the above team.

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